JoAnna Cameron's glasses in The Secrets Of Isis

Here is a pic. It’s a blog, so you might need to C&P the URL.

Any idea what brand they are? If not the specific brand, whether the exact shape is made by anyone? The SO likes them.

A little rounder and they’d be Lundberg’s.

That photo was taken in 1975. It’s probably unlikely that a style like that is being made today. I just spent six months (admittedly, not 24/7) trying to find the kind of glasses I wanted because they’re not in fashion right now and no one is making them.

Good luck, though. I hope I’m wrong.

I remember that show fondly. Probably too fondly.

I had glasses like that in my youth. Unless a woman had the face of slender super model like the actress in the pic they would look clownish on most women.

Here’s a site with several similar frames. You can even upload your pic and see what they would look like on you.

The keyword you’re looking for is “aviator” or “pilot” (at Lenscrafters), but those are extra large and square even for aviator frames today.

I associate ‘aviator’ frames with a very particular pair of shapes: Goggle-shaped, and a certain square style that is like an enlarged HGU-4/P. My own prescription lenses are in the Ray-Ban Aviator frames, and my sunglasses are Aviators or HGU-4/Ps (and a pair of Wayfarers I got in the '80s).

Cameron’s glasses look like they’re wider rectangles than the ones I associate with ‘aviator style’ in the 2nd link.

See these if she is partial to huge oversize frames

This vintage frame below is the closest she is likely to come. Bear in mind the very slender face of the actress makes the frames look ever larger.

Also make sure that if they are RX lenses they can be centered properly if she has a narrow face. I would imagine there is a limit to how far they can adjust the focal point if she has a narrow face and she is wearing oversized frames and lenses.

I really don’t think they are. They’re simply enormous men’s glasses on a tiny woman’s face. Makes them look even bigger/wider, because they don’t fit her face.

I agree. She has a remarkably small face and those are simply XL men’s glasses which are in some of the links I posted.

Oh Mighty ISIS isis isis isis . . . .

Now if someone can tell me where to get my hair cut like Michael Gray (just kidding; I’m a chick. Though on second thought, it probably doesn’t make a difference )

Thanks for a fun blast from the past, Johnny L.A.:slight_smile:

oh goodness, that clip… soooooo, very corny. captain marvel is beyond funny.