Looking for some late Ren early Baroque music- need help

I’m looking for some music to be used in a Moliere play. (The Pretentious Young Ladies) We want something French, played on violins (mostly) and very tempo and perhaps silly sounding.

Any suggestions?


Here is an album of Musical jokes, some of which feature violin, and some of which are contemporaneous with Molière:


Try some samples and see if anything strikes your fancy. I was thinking of the work featured on tracks 20-22 (violin sonata after bird song), but the samples don’t really do it justice.

Otherwise, if you want something of the time, works by Heinrich Biber, Johann Pachelbel, Johann Schmelzer, or Johann Jakob Walther (hmmm…lots of Johanns on this list) might do the trick.

Sorry not to have anything more specific…

For authentic, I’d say your best bet is Lully or Rameau. For funny, find some Medieval music that uses a crum horn, or have the crum horn play transcribed oboe music from the Baroque.

Thanks guys, I had found Lully. I’ll look into Rameau.

Also, try Marin Marais. A french composer who studied with Lully.