Looking for song (from a movie maybe?) similar to this Miles Davis piece

So I heard this Miles Davis song come on Pandora last night and it’s piano is simply beautiful but haunting and sad at the same time.

- YouTube

It stuck with me so much that I kept playing the beginning piano and simple bass part in the beginning over and over and something kept triggering in my brain that I’d heard something like this before. Just very simple piano but it feels some emotional piece that was tied to a movie or TV finale maybe. I keep thinking it’s tied to a space movie, maybe. Like the piano is playing and the person is reminiscent about earth or it’s in contrast to whats going on in the scene.

Either which way, I’d like to find the song I’m searching for but other recommendations for modal piano jazz pieces is readily accepted as well. Thanks guys!

Super Duper Extra Long Stretch here…but try the Six Feet Under Finale (it’s on youtube). Nothing like what you played other than that is has that flowing piano sound to it (and it’s ungodly emotional if you watched the show).

Well first of all for some reason to me it was evocative of Elo’s “Strange Magic”

As for Sci-Fi…maybe “Silent Running”??

Edit: Also in “The Omega Man”, Heston listens to some kind of jazz piece while milling about his place talking to himself.

Here it is