If I wanted more music like this, what genre should I look too?

I really like Charity Santos’ "Sail Away" (link to her MySpace; it will probably autoplay another song; Sail Away is a few down in the music box) which is an upbeat, maybe pop-y? jazz-y? song. I want to listen to more music like this, specifically with upbeat piano. I think if I knew the genre I’d at least know where to start looking, but am awful at identifying musical genres. In some ways this reminds me of Annie Little’s “Fly Me Away” (the Kindle commercial with the stop-motion lady) and a few of the happier Nellie McKay songs, but also of much older piano songs. The beginning especially seems familiar.

(For bonus points, if I really like Ozomatli’s “Magnolia Soul”, who else would I like? Ozomatli is always pretty cool, but I like the very different “Magnolia Soul” specifically. I know it has a New Orleans influence, but I don’t know where to go from that.)