Anyone know which song this is?

This one’s driving me mental, hopefully someone can put me out of my misery. Can only remember the intro of it, it sounds a bit like the Girl From Ipanema, but a little slower, pitch shifted down a bit with a few notes changed, played on a sax.

That’s the best description I’ve got, though I’m fairly sure it’s recent and a big enough song to play on the radio. Any ideas?

Probably not what you’re thinking of but Estelle’s American Boy always reminds me of TGFI (just the melody; feel free to ignore Kanye). Where did you hear your song? I mean, on the radio? If so, what type of station? Were there vocals? I love the TGFI and would welcome anything that sounds similar.

I’m pretty sure that The Girl from East 9th Street by Paul Desmond is not exactly what you’re looking for but the album (Bossa Antigua) has some tunes that remind me of the sound of the Antônio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes song.

Don’t know if this is it, but your post made it run through my head.

Now I’m sharing the earworm.

George Michael, Neva gonna dance.

Not recent but… O Grande Amor ?

Thanks for the replies fellas, sounds very very familiar although none of those ring a bell (and now I have Never Gonna Dance Again stuck in my head, so thanks for getting one tune out of my head in exchange for another!). Heard it on a station that usually just plays top 40 stuff.

I’m Worth It ?

Not very recent, but any chance it’s the Al Jarreau version of Aguas de Março

Heh. That’s exactly the song that was going through my head upon reading the OP, too. (Except under “Careless Whisper.”)

Stranger on the Shore, perhaps, although it’s a year older than The Girl from Ipanema?:

And, um, it's actually a clarinet playing, not a saxophone.

Might you be looking for O Pato?

Careless Whisper was the song that made me realise how great a lyricist George Michael is. Even the title is poetic. I compare all pop song lyrics against the prose of George Michael.

Nope…sorry lads, it’s gone, try to think of it now and get brain 404’d. Appreciate the valiant effort though.