Looking for the name of a short story

I read it a very long time ago, so my details are a little scarce.

The story was about a kid who had psychic powers. He is invited onto a talk show or something similar, and asked what his prediction for the world is. He foretells of all the wars ending, everything being wonderful and hunky dory; basically predicting that the world will be one big Utopia. The citizens of Earth all rejoice and go around loving their fellow man, etc, etc.

Turns out that the kid had lied about his predictions, and that the future was much more bleak (and immediate). Apparently the sun is about to go supernova the next day, and he wanted to give everyone one day of happiness as their last day on Earth.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It does indeed sound very familiar, and I want to say it is a Ray Bradbury story, but that doesn’t sound quite right, and regardless, the title does not come to mind. I hope someone else can figure this out; I know I have read this story before.

I was going to say the same thing. But it also might be Twilight Zone. I read nearly every word Ray Bradbury wrote back in the 60s…I wish I could remember. Stupid old age!

I know it was an episode of NIGHT GALLERY- off to see if I can find a NG site.

The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes by Margaret St. Clair (one site indicated the original title may have been “Herbert: The Boy Who…” http://www.kfmaas.de/an_herb.html) published in Macleans 1950, and later in Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Reader. http://www.locusmag.com/index/s644.html

Clint Howard played the boy.

Thanks a million!

Dopers really do rock.

Thank Rod Serling. If it hadn’t been on Night Gallery, I’d have been totally lost. :smiley:

I’d imagine the Ray Bradbury story being thought of is “The Toynbee Convector”, about a man who returns from a visit to the future and tells of a wonderful, peaceful new world. The story takes place on the date of his arrival from “the past”.

Which, if you haven’t guessed, never actually occurs.

And just so you don’t feel bad, Kalhoun, the Toynbee Convector was published in 1988.

As I recall, the closing line of the story the OP is asking about is:

“Yes, a nova. Tomorrow, the sun is going to explode.”
Which struck me as so ridiculously pseudoscientific that it detracted from the drama the author was trying to build. Had it been something slightly more plausible, like “Next July, we collide with Mars”, I might’ve bought it.

It was told to us by a child - from a child’s perspective.

I read it in 6th grade, and my search for it landed me here.

The guy was on a talk show… he told the world to expect utopia… he revealed that the sun would actually supernova to his buddy backstage in the dressing room.

One of the scariest stories I’ve read to date.

The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes and Night Gallery don’t match - this was a short story.

Any matches yet?

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