Looking for the title of a specific smoking cessation book

My 19 y.o. son started smoking about 6 months ago because he finally submitted to peer pressure from friends and it seemed to help with his anxiety issues. He now realizes that it was a mistake and he wants to quit. He does have a prescription to alleviate his anxiety, but the nicotine addiction already has a grip on him. I told him that I had heard of a book mentioned (in passing) on the Bob & Tom show last month (can’t remember if it was a live show in early December or if it was a “best of” show during their vacation in late December), all I remember was that they had one of the comedians on that said he had quit smoking by reading a book only when he smoked…as he read the book (when smoking), he started smoking less because as he read the book, his desire for cigarettes decreased (my guess is that the contents of the book described the nastiest examples of smoking and the diseases associated with it), and he eventually kicked the habit in a month or two without any urge to go back. They did mention the name of the book and author, but like an unprepared idiot, I had nothing to write with at the time, and my memory of names and titles are not worth bragging about, let alone worth mentioning. Bob & Tom’s website didn’t mention any of this…I tried looking for it there.

What I do remember is:
The author has passed away recently (this decade) after quitting smoking for numerous years.
The book was published in either the 60s, 70s or 80s…most likely the 70s.
I’m pretty sure the author was male.
If you state the name of the book and the author, I think I might recognize them (hopefully).
Maybe somebody here has read the book…Did this work or not work for you and why?

Any help is certainly appreciated…thanks!

Well, I’m surprised the TMs haven’t beat me to it, because I learned about this book on recommendations from other Dopers:

Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr.

This was the only thing that worked for me, and IMHO is the best way for any smoker to escape. (this was pre-Chantix)

In 12 minutes!

That’s it!

Thanks, DP!

Now that is…True Doper Power!

Another question, DPwhich one did you use?

Sorry for the delay; I don’t check back on threads very often. I used the plain old generic book (No. 1 on your linked list). It took me about three tries, but again, it was effective and the only thing that worked for me.

The book itself is very repetitious and a very easy read (I’m sure other Dopers would agree with their experiences with it); for that reason, if it doesn’t work once the temptation is not to try again, because “I already know all that stuff”.

However, IME, re-reading it was helpful and a bit hypnotic.