Looking for thoughts on this article in Pravda---ancient "map" found in Russia

Interesting read…any thoughts?

You mean, aside from, “It’s an obvious fake”?

Well, what pops into my head is nothing but admiration for the tangible evidence of the success of the capitalistic model. I mean, here you’ve got this big-shot scientist who shows up looking for ancient mysterious slabs, and suddenly there appears this local (the ex-chairman of the local agricultural council) who just happens to have an ancient mysterious slab buried in his front yard. It’s a triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit, is what it is. Under Communism, it would have been the entire local Committee who would have produced the ancient mysterious slab, and all profits would have gone into the pocket of the local party boss, instead of to the ex-chairman of the local agricultural council who actually thought up the scam.

It’s a beautiful thing. :smiley:

I have three thoughts.

  1. It’s a hoax prepetrated by the professor and graduate student. Maybe there is a book deal in the works, or better yet a television special.

  2. It’s a hoax and the professor and graduate student have been the victims. It could be perpetrated by a local as a joke. Much like the rune stones found in Minnesota, they were made by a student as a joke. He never expected to cause a sensation. It just got out of hand.

  3. It’s a hoax prepetrated by a government offical trying to drum up publicity for the country. Either the professor is in on it or he is a victim.