Looking for "tough" looking shoes/boots to go with jeans

I like what Stallone is wearing below:

Don’t want typical workboots or motorcycle boots. What Stallone is wearing has that “tough” look but looks appropriate enough for a casual lunch (has a little more style than workboots or motorcycle boots). I’d also like to spend under $200. Any ideas?

The above links to the boot manufacturer Bates website, for a line of boots called “Zero-Mass.” They are only exaggerating a little bit with the name. They’re tough as hell, very comfortable, and extraordinarily lightweight.

You can probably go into your local sports/outdoors store and find something.

One brand of workboots that I’ve bought at such a place was Caterpillar. They have many styles:


Look like pretty standard work boots to me. Most Farm & Fleet-style stores have a good selection and their prices aren’t bad.

I’ve seen some at the local army surplus.

Go to a thrift store. Find a pair of boots that can be cleaned and treated with mink oil.

Or you can buy a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers, which are more than $200. They’re made with quality leather, have good design and construction, won’t fall apart, and will hold a patina. They can last you for the rest of your life if you take care of them.

You’re going to have a very difficult time finding fashionable, well-made boots for under $200. What you’ll get, instead, is a pair that look cheap (and are cheap, having been made with inferior leather, if they’re made with leather at all) and/or fall apart within a year.