Looking for webcasting advice (music concert in Boston)

(well, Cambridge)

My husband and I are traveling to Boston to attend a concert and he will be videotaping (he does have the permission of the artists). He was thinking about webcasting at the same time (again, with the permission of the artists). It may not happen because we don’t yet know if the venue has internet access, and if not, if he can tap into nearby WiFi (the show is at The Lily Pad at 1353 Cambridge St in Cambridge). His last resort option is using his Treo, but we’re hoping for Internet access first.

If we can’t webcast, at least it’ll be videotaped, but this is a big deal concert for fans all over the world, so we’d love to be able to share our live experience in whatever way we can. I don’t know how good it would look, even though he’s going to be using a high-definition camera, but we’re willing to try.

He’s looked into various programs and has come across one called “Sopcast” but we’re looking at all the angles so I thought I’d ask if anyone has any advice, either about webcasting concerts, webcasting from Boston, Sopcast, any other program, watching amateur webcasts (concerts, not porn, please), or whatever.

An important point is that we want and need whatever program we consider using to be free, both for us and for the people watching.

If only Fabchannel had a mobile U.S. unit, sigh.