online concert database?

At one time I knew of a website that featured hundreds of shows…mostly from indie bands, I think…I had this in my favorites (and thus, never bothered to pay attention to the name of the site) and when my other computer died, my favorites went kaput as well.

Does anybody know of any websites (I know there are a bunch) that feature tons of concerts? I just found something called “The Concert Vault”, and there is good stuff there, but it is just audio. My googleskills are lacking this evening.

It would be superknarlytubularawesome if older shows are included.


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The Internet Archive has a nice collection of concerts. I helped myself to some Billy Bragg stuff.

Really? That’s all?

Thanks,Snooooopy, but that also appears to be mostly audio. The one(s) I am looking for had video of the shows.

Surely somebody knows of these sites.


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