Looking for Windows software that'll concatenate files...

…kinda like ‘cat’ in *nix or ‘copy’ in DOS. Basically, I need a Windows app that can take a file that I’ve split into smaller chunks and put it back together. Free/share, preferably. I’m dealing with users who may not necessarily be comfortable with a DOS prompt, hence the Windows requirement.

Any suggestions?

I posted this in GQ because I’m not entirely sure that something like this exists, but if it’s IMHO, I apologize in advance.


Actually, if it’s just plain text files that’re broken up, you can use the ‘copy’ command in DOS:
copy /a 1.txt + 2.txt + 3.txt + 4.txt a.txt
‘/a’ indicates ascii
‘/b’ binary!
What it’s doing: Copying data from 1,2,3,4 files and putting it into a.txt.

If only I read you question in full! But still, the DOS command if fairly simple.

Actually, it’s a binary file; will that cause problems? Hmmmm… this is gonna be more complicated than I thought. Thanks though, PA.

In case you can’t tell, I don’t have access to a Windows machine, otherwise I’d try it myself.

Google for hjsplit:

It’s also able to put them back together.

I have a .bat file with this single line:

copy /b *.mpeg file.mpg

which merges all .MPEG files in the folder to a single file. Mighty useful when downloading those short porn clips.