Looks like another mass shooting

At a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin. (That’s near Milwaukee)

8 to 20 people injured, including, perhaps, a police officer.

Suspect is still on the loose. Heavy set balding white guy.

Article suggests a possible reason:

“They’re coming to America …”

Ah, shit - disagreeing with a group is one thing; killing them because you disagree with them is another, extremely wrong thing.

Barring some internal thing what are the odds the shooter(s) even know who the Sikh’s are.

Even worse - killing them because you mistake them for a group you disagree with.

On-going hostage situation being reported on CNN.

Multiple shooters.

Multiple critically injured victims at local hospitals.


Probably is an internal thing, but the media are already asking by-standers loaded yes-no questions to build up the narrative for national drama consumption.

at least one-fifth of the world’s population are Muslims. i don’t think people with brushes that big would particularly care.

7 dead including 1 of the shooters who was taken down outside by law enforcement.

live on CNN

This is about a mile from my house and work.

My twitter has been going nuts with this one. They’ve been asking all the media to stop broadcasting anything live from the outside of the building because it’s giving away tactical positions to the people on the inside. They’ve also asked relatives to stop calling family members because they’re hiding in the building and the ringers are giving them away.

I tried to drive past a little while ago (on my way home from work) but as you can imagine, the road is closed from quite a ways down (the main road before the temple).

Watching the local news it appears to be over and they are implying or rather outright saying that there was only one shooter. All the victims are at the hospital now, well, they’re saying the one’s they’ve found are at the hospital now. They’re saying things like 3 found outside/4 found inside. I think the cops are still being pretty careful where they’re walking. But there are 7 dead and multiple gunshot wounds (3?) in surgery I think.
Also, they’re still not showing any live video of the building if that says anything.

I’m just guessing this will end up being a case of mistaken religious identity. Or that we’ll never know for sure because the shooter’s dead.

Maybe the moron left some kind of manifesto behind.

Only a matter of time before something like this happened- assuming it was a case of “mistaken identity”, which seems likely since the shooter was apparently a white male. :frowning:

Is there any fact-based reason to believe that this is a case of mistaken identity, or is the suggestion itself somewhat meta?

Nothing fact-based, since we haven’t gotten any details at all about why this happened. It’s just that it’s hard to imagine any reason to target Sikhs specifically.

Then again, it’s hard to imagine a reason to target Amish, and look what happened there.

Ongoing link on CNN.

There is no reason at this point to think so,

any more than there is any reason to think this.

Just another isolated incident, in a long line of similar isolated incidents (the Brown’s Chicken Massacre, Columbine, the Amish shootings, the Wood and Phillips law firm shootings, the Tuscaloosa shooting, Ft. Hood, the Western Psychiatric shooting in Pittsburgh, Aurora, etc., etc.).

I surely hope nobody is so rash as to suggest that something might need to be regarding access to guns on the basis of some isolated, beyond-explanation incident!

Oh, shut up, you relic of a vulture.