Looks like dueling Homers at work today...

It looks like things may get out of hand at the office today with dueling Homers across the halls.
Check out
Homer Simpson soundboard.

You are evil.

I especially like how if you click with abandon, you get a whole roomful of Homers arguing maongst themselves.

Please do note that there is also an Al Pacino soundboard. And Samuel L. Jackson.

This link is going places, my friend.

Most excellent.

I’m partial to the Bruce Campbell soundboard, myself.

“Now whoa, whoa, whoa right there, spinach-chin.”

Cracks me up.

It sounds interesting, but I get a 403 error for some reason.

I am FORBIDDEN to access that link. What gives?

They probably exceeded thier bandwidth

I’m forbidden too… rats

Jeez, it was working this morning. How odd.

mmmmm… soundboard.

Thank god I kept that window open all day so I can still assault my coworkers as they walk past my office.
I may have to leave my computer on forever now so I don’t lose this valuable tool. Might be difficult to explain to IT, though.