Really? Ads with sound now?

Those little square ads under the first post are irritating in that they are distracting while you’re trying to read. I despise moving ads on a page with lots of text. But the ads with sound defaulted on are a total deal-breaker. Especially when there’s no option to turn off the sound. I read SDMB on my laptop sometimes in bed at night and I don’t need unexpected sound bothering my spouse…or surprising me. It’s unnerving and unnecessary.

I just got one for Air Wick with sound. If this is a trend that will continue, I’m afraid I won’t be able to enjoy the forum anymore. FTR, I’m not complaining about having to deal with ads, I know the site needs to make money. I just need them to be a bit less invasive.

Totally agree. I don’t get ads because I’m a member, but any website with sound turned on by default always lose me. Some of them *might *have gotten my business too…

So use Firefox, already.

I do. The thing is, I’m pretty sure TPTB are displaying ads to earn money, not drive their visitors away. I can deal with ads. Just not ones with sound, unless I specifically am expecting sound.

I’m pretty sure they’ve said before that they aren’t going to do anything about that. So, if you want to leave ads enabled on the site, try FlashMute.

We regret that you find some of the ads annoying but the ones you’re complaining are placed by brokers - we have very little leverage. As has been pointed out, subscribers don’t see ads.

You should know by now that one good turn never goes unpunished. Subscribe or block.

Your computer doesn’t give you the ability to turn the sound off? That’s odd.

Being intentionally obtuse isn’t helpful.

Brilliant. I may try this with Chrome.

Too bad. Done.

Because of Firefox and Adblock Plus, I’ve never had a problem. :slight_smile:

This is a shame. But I figured you might consider share your visitors’ discontent with your brokers.

OK, here’s a helpful suggestion: If someone is really concerned about unexpected computer sounds annoying her spouse, she could turn off the sound.

Which is actually what I was suggesting in the first place. But I suspect you knew that.

If I preemptively mute my laptop to avoid unexpected sound from ads, would that mean the sound was no longer unexpected? :wink:

Your solution is clunky at best considering I watch a lot of videos and movies on my laptop and I’d have to remember to mute the sound when I was done watching and unmute before I started watching videos again. But thanks for your input.

So my advice was unsound? Ah, well, then I will be quiet.

Fucking ads? With sound?

something something mute point something something

I am editing the title of this thread – it’s really inappropriate to use that kind of language in ATMB.

Please do not use terms like that in this forum.

Sorry about that. Wasn’t thinking. :o