I keep hearing ads play, in Spanish

Not whenever I’m on the SDMB, just at what appear to be random intervals. But the ads stop when I (1) close the SDMB or (2) jump to a different forum, as just now. Anybody else getting this?

Yeah, but it’s from my next door neighbors. And they never stop.:wink:

Sorry, I have no information on any relationship to the SDMB.


Yo no los oigo.

Again, we need more information.

Is there a “popunder” going on? (A page that loads under the page you’re currently looking at and runs in the background.)

Is there an ad on the page that correlates with what you’re hearing? For example, an advertisement for Ford and you hear some Ford jingle, to give an example.

Sometimes ads are on the site and they’re silent until you touch them or mouse over them – then they sound off. :frowning:

Sorry this is happening. Please provide any information that might be helpful to us, including screen shots if you can get one.

Que dijo? :slight_smile:

We need your Social Security number and the PIN for all your bank accounts to fully investigate this problem. I have an acquaintance in Nigeria who will contact your shortly to help resolve this problema muy pronto.

I do and I came to ATMB for that specific reason. I got a wonderful tingle down my leg when my buddy **Brain Glutton **was here for the same reason.

They are the ads at the bottom of the page.

Spanish or English or whatever I hate them and I think any ads that run video or audio should be eliminated.

So it’s one of the Google Ads that’s sounding off?

I think so.

Could we get an official response here please.

Do you/we really want ads that run audio??

Just use Adblock or other similar program already.

I get them on occasion, too, usually late at night for some reason. No rhyme or reason to it, just someone jabbering at me in Spanish.

I’ve asked for more information, which has not really been forthcoming.

I realize tracking this stuff down is not so easy. But we do need your help in so doing.

Google Ads are geographically targeted/IP directed and it’s entirely possible that only a small segment of the SDMB is being subjected to them, which makes it more difficult to locate. So if you are hearing these things, any information could be useful.

So do I. I also think the people who create them should be eliminated as well. Unfortunately, I don’t run the internet. (Probably fortunate, as I wouldn’t know how anyway. :wink: )

Of course they don’t want them. They’ve got a standing call for information so they can identify which ads they are and which provider is bringing them, so they can eliminate them.

The newest update to AdBlock includes the option (turned on by default) to allow some non-intrusive (read: silent, non-blinky) ads to display, so that those who have an objection to using it AdBlock because it will deny revenue to sites like the SDMB can mollify that concern a bit but still avoid things like mystery songs playing in the background.

Sorry …didn’t notice the official responses and also thought that “ads at the bottom” was all that would be needed to figure it out.

I haven’t heard one for a few days but will report back if I do.

Finally… just had an ad with audio pop up on the main GQ page right below the list of threads and above the “Display Options” section.

But who is it … what is it for?

Did it start playing immediately upon your viewing or did you touch the ad in any way – mouse over it or click on it?

Just reporting that you saw/heard this is not sufficient for us to be able to track it down.

I’ve been hearing them too, in English. Since I believe it’s furiously drawing faeries in my monitor that create the Internet for me, I came here looking for a way to politely ask them to stop.