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After consultation with our ad provider, we’re resuming serving of ads on the SDMB. See this thread for steps we’re taking to prevent a recurrence of previous problems.

Posts in this thread should be limited to ad-related problems you observe on the SDMB from this point forward. Please do NOT use this thread for general questions or discussion about advertising. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Karin2014 reported for spam.

Getting ads, I should not be…ever

  1. Audible Advert … “YOU HAVE MAIL”. … If I change to look at that TAB , or move mouse, it repeats "you have … you h… you have mail "

It said “

But I clicked it and talked about qualifying for iphone PRIZES …scam !!!

URL after clicking was

Stupid website tried to guess my suburb …stupid… got it wrong lol.

BTW hope the girls with silly looks, and mail order brides adds (scams ?) are gone ?


Took a brief look at the boards while not logged on earlier this week and caught yet another virus, had to do a system restore and lost a couple of hours of work. Again.

Nevermind, it appears my problem may not have been board related. Apologies.

I thought paid members didn’t get ads. Now the front page is loaded with them and Adblock seems to be ignoring them.

Another never mind. The problem is with Chrome, as usual.

I apologize if this is the incorrect forum or thread for this.

While browsing the message boards on my mobile phone I frequently encounter ads that automatically load the Google Play Store and try to get me to download a game. This is incredibly frustrating.

I’m not sure if this next part is ad related, but there are other times where the phone will crash to home screen on particular threads. Considering there is no media posted in-line, I’m assuming this is also ad related. Unfortunately I can never tell which would be the culprit, as the ads can change.

This is the first I’ve heard of anything to do with the Google Play Store. If you can send us a screen capture next time this happens, we’ll look into it.

Just checking in for the first time since 4/24/2004 to see how the whole “paid subscription” thing was working out. It doesn’t look like I missed anything.

Some SDMB pages are autolinking to a page which tries to get me to download an exe file. The last URL was

I’m getting pop-under ads from this site. Very annoying.

I am getting pop under on my phone and pc going to a political polling page.



The ads that bug me are the big pop-ups, and I get them when I try to access the article for the day at the Straight Dope site, not when I come to the message board. I have changed my IE internet options to “block ALL pop-ups”, and I hope that will stop this. The pop-ups go to my desktop and stay there until I close them.

I second two ad-related problems already mentioned in this thread.

First, clicking from the front page of to the message board from the sidebar opens a new tab in Chrome and a new window in IE11, and on at least one occasion in Chrome for Android. This happens almost every time I’m in a new session (like after a reboot), though it does not often happen twice if I repeat the procedure during the same session. The new tab always loads the same right-wing political website, which I could name if necessary.

The second problem is the automatic redirect from any page in boards.straightdope.comm seemingly at random, to the Google Play store. This happens before pageload is complete in Chrome for Android, and sometimes but not always gives me a prompt to launch the store or visit the page in the browser. As I never follow the links, I don’t know what app they’re for. This completely prevents page loading, and causes me to use back to return to the SDMB.

The most irritating thing is a pop-under for MacKeeper, which demands that I click a button to verify that I want to leave their page. Since MacKeeper is pretty much malware, I don’t plan to do any such thing–which means that I have to to the Mac equivalent of CTL-ALT-DEL and stop Safari entirely, and hope that the next time I log on, i won’t get the popunder.

As you can imagine, this is insanely irritating. You could improve the site 600% by ceasing to run MacKeeper ads.