Looks like I'm a crime victim

It seems a coworker stole my paycheck and cashed it, along with his own.

I’m more bewildered then pissed off. Did this fool think he was going to get away with it?

His name and actions are now a matter of record with the appropriate authorities.

Does your experience with him lead you to believe that he’s not the sharpest crayon in the package?

It is really quite amazing what “dumb criminals” think they can get away with. I’m reminded of the guy who robbed a bank in full view of the video cameras. When caught, he didn’t believe it. “I wore the juice” he said. Apparently, he was under the impression that rubbing one’s face with lemon juice made it invisible to videotape cameras.

No, no…you’re a crime survivor.

Glad he got caught! How did he get hold of your check in the first place?

Yeesh, what a dumbass.

No doubt he was (is going to be?) fired, I hope.

This reminds me a of a thread about a year ago wherein the poster’s roommate was waylaying the poster’s checks in the mail and going out and cashing them. Of course he and his girlfriend were promptly caught forging signatures and arrested. They were of the same class of dumbasses, apparently.

He’s only worked there for a month or so, so I haven’t conversed with him much. I know he’s got a kid (about a year and a half old). I hope his kid isn’t around to see his father dragged away in handcuffs.

I can’t imagine him NOT getting fired over this. Employers generally don’t take kindly to fraud and theft.

And how the hell was he able to cash them?

Get Direct Deposit.

It’s still somewhat of a mystery at this point how he was able to cash my check, since the check was canceled by the time he got to the bank. It’s also unknown how he stole it. It was missing from the safe when I showed up on payday to get it.

I watched an episode of Judge Judy yesterday that had a girl who gave her sister’s name as the driver in a car accident she was in. As in, wrote her sister’s name, her own license plate number, and her insurance info. on the back of a coupon that had her (Fraudy Girl’s) name on it. They brought out the witness who was involved in the car accident who pointed to Fraudy Girl as the one who hit her. Judge Judy, not surprisingly, was not fooled. At the end of the case, Fraudy Girl was still denying that she had done anything wrong. I’m always amazed at the fools who get caught red-handed and still don’t see that anything’s their fault.

I really, really wished my employer had Direct Deposit. But they don’t. When I find another job, I’ll be sure to opt in for DD.

A guy I worked with went to a store to cash his paycheck. The guy in front of him had just cashed his. When he saw how much my friend made he mugged him outside the store. My friend went in and they found out who he was and caught him that day. Not too bright.

As I’ve always said… I’d rather have stupid criminals than smart ones!

Years ago, I had a household employee who stole my visa number off a bill and charged a bunch of merchandise under a ficticious name which she had shipped to her home address. I wasn’t that diligent at that time with reviewing my visa invoices, so it took me a while to catch on. By the time I figured out what was going on, she had charged thousands of dollars of fraudulent crap to my account. But the dumbshit shipped all the stolen merchandise to her home address so she was easily nailed. Visa fraud is great tho. As soon as I called them, they immediately reversed the charges and the case got sent to their Fraud Dept, who handled it like pros. I’m not sure what eventually became of her, but I know criminal charges were filed.

To the OP: you need to get a Fraud Alert put on your account. This makes the recipient of your checks/visa give additional scrutiny before processing. It’s a bit of a hassle, but worth it imo. The only major downside is that you can never get instant credit.

Some clinic workers were telling me that a former coworker of theirs was busted for committing credit card fraud using a card that a patient had used to pay a copay. She was easily caught because she used the credit card info to pay her utilities. :smack:

Ooh, that reminds me of the time one of our customers copied our bank account number off of a check and used it to pay their electric bill over the phone. He went to jail, too.

A guy at work was given someone else’s paycheck – same last name, and the person passing out paychecks wasn’t paying close attention. The guy who got the check wasn’t paying attention either. He took it to the bank, endorsed it with his own name and cashed it.

The mixup wasn’t discovered until the other guy went to pick up his check and it was gone. Payroll called the bank to stop payment but of course it was too late. I’m not sure how it all got straightened out, but it did.

Funny how easy it can be to cash a check in some places, and how difficult in others.

Hey, me too! I’m a substitute teacher. Yesterday I had to take all of my classes to another building for a presentation. One period I assumed I had turned the key the same way as every other time. Apparently I was wrong, the door didn’t lock. No big. Get a home a few hours later, check my email… fraud alert on my credit card…charges at gas stations and, oddly, a mixed martial arts equipment store… call the company, cancel the card, file a police report. Effing high schoolers, junior criminals. The cop didn’t even seem interested in investigating it since “no one was hurt”. I say do a little police work, catch them and punish them now, but he was apparently content to wait until they commit a felony. And that’s why they’ll do it again to someone else and people wonder whythey can’t get enough subs around here.

Talk to your employer. Find out which bank your employer banks with. Usually, if you open an account at that bank it’s a no-brainer for your employer. The accounting department usually welcomes it, paychecks are a hassle for them too. I’m Senior Manager, Accounts in my day job.

I used to bank at a branch that had another customer with the same account number as mine, except a different transit number (his account was at a different branch). I suspect he worked near my branch, because he came in and paid his bills in my branch, and they took his payments out of MY account. This happened not once, but twice. The second time, I told the bank people what had happened; they didn’t believe me, but a quick check showed that it was exactly what had happened the first time again. I moved my accounts. You can put all the locks you want on your account, but the tellers are probably the newest employees in the branch, and sometimes it shows.

Just want to share my stupid criminal story. Had an employee that was phoning in controlled drugs for himself under his doctor’s name and dea number. ( I guess he copied it off an old prescription) Not only did he use his own name on the prescriptions, he put it under insurance so he wouldn’t have to pay. The doctor got a letter from the insurance company asking why this person was taking well above the recommended dose of Vicodan. I was notified from the carrier of the insurance fraud.

If he had any brains he would have used different names and paid cash. Dumbass.