Looks like the IRS gave my stimulus payment to someone else. Is there anything I can do about it?

I doubt you’ll be able to get an in-person appointment with anyone any time soon. Most likely, you’ll need to file a fraud report online or via mail.

Sounds to me like you MAY be a victim of some sort of identity theft. I wasn’t aware there were two separate stimulus payments (we did not get one, as our income is too high).

Do you have an account at IRS.gov? That’s recommended for everyone. A fraudster might well have gotten hold of your SSN etc. and created such an account under your name; you definitely need to check into that.

Beware, the IRS’s fraud investigation process is slower than usual right now. My in-laws were the victims of identity theft early last year when they found out that “they” had filed a tax return claiming a refund of about 7,000 dollars. We helped them request copies of their tax returns for the past few years, and also helped them file a fraud report. To the best of my knowledge, they have heard nothing since then, and it’s been 6 months.

ETA: Never mind, saw the post just above mine suggesting it’s a known issue. If it doesn’t get sorted out though, see my blathering…

Concur. I did some phone support for an unemployment call center this past fall. I was level 1 support, which meant i could provide information, and take weekly “didn’t work” statements, but everything else had to get referred to a specialist - where the waits were HOURS. We always told the people to try it “now” but if that failed, call FIRST THING in the morning, as their chances of talking to a human were slightly higher.

Glad it worked out. I automatically assumed the worst.

Did you pay for H&R Block fees out of your refund? In that case, you’re essentially signing over your entire refund to them, and then they cut you a check from their own account to you minus the difference, so as far as the IRS is concerned H&R is the recipient. If you instead paid H&R directly and then direct deposited your refund (meaning you got it in weeks, not that day), that’s unusual and I would’ve expected it to go to your account.

I never received mine, but TurboTax(I filed through them) wrote me to say that the error is being resolved by TurboTax and they will begin transferring funds soon.

I have yet to see it today, but apparently there was a major error between IRS and Turbotax and if you used them, you should check your email for a response from them.

Latest news, dated Jan. 9 early a.m., from WaPo. Hard to tell how current the actual information is; looks largely like a recap of the information posted in some posts above. FWIW.

Okay, try this:
IRS rushes to fix error that sent millions of stimulus payments to wrong bank accounts

It’s true, but I got mine yesterday evening. Turbotax fixed the error and the money went in.

BTW, the IRS discontinued the EIP customer service line yesterday. Presumably it will be back or replaced, but for now we’re just supposed to reference people to the Get My Payment website for info.