Have all the economic stimulus checks been mailed?

How do I determine if I have reason to be concerned that I haven’t as yet received my little windfall? Is there an office that one can contact? I see lots of advertising suggesting that I spend my money at this or that store. I haven’t seen that money yet. Any ideas, dopers? xo, C.

Haven’t got mine, either. The IRS website has a section that tells when you’ll get it at the latest, by SS#. We are hoping they go by my spouse’s SS#, because mine would put the latest possible date of this payment about as late as it gets. The dates go into July.

If you’re getting a refund, you’ll get the refund check first, then the windfall.

I don’t have the link saved but go to the IRS website and you can probably find it.

I got an envelope from the IRS two days ago in my mailbox. Printed on the front in large, friendly red letters was “ECONOMIC STIMULUS PAYMENT.”

“Wahoo,” said I, “free money!” I committed the heinous faux pas of opening a letter right there in the building lobby instead of waiting until I reached my apartment after an impossibly long elevator ride. Please don’t judge me for my lack of self-control; who among you could contain their excitement under similar circumstances?

“Congratulations,” the letter breathlessly informed me, “your economic stimulus payment of $600.00 will be mailed to you within four weeks.”

Fucking IRS.

Wonderful bbs! **Hilarity N Suze ** was (were?) absolutely correct. The IRS site tells you when and even how much of a rebate to expect. Thanks.

Even more information about the checks in this recent thread.