Looney tunes and the Bible A GAME!

Time to modernize the stories of the bible. Who better than the cartoons we all grew up with The looney tunes.
Cast your favorite Loonies to the characters in the bible.

Elmer Fudd, will of course take on the bit role of Nimrod.

Foghorn Leghorn as King David “I say I say, lets cut the baby in half.”

The Chickenhawk has potential as Moses.

Gods voice would then be represented by Foghorn “I say, now son, your going about it all wrong… what you need to do see is take these tablets and…”

A preening DaffyDuck as Samson?

Porky Pig as Pilate?

Yosimite Sam as Judas?

Come on dopers cast the roles, defend your decisions lets have fun!

What to do with Marvin the Martian?
Roadrunner? the singing frog? Pepe Le Pue?

Um, Solomen, David’s son, proposed cutting the baby in half.

Well, I’m probably going to hell for posting in this thread, but what the hey…

The story of Lot would basically be the same, except he finds Michigan J. Frog, who keeps singing about Sodom’s impending destruction. The problem is, every time he takes it to show someone, it just sits there.

Hello to Sodom!
Hello, Gommorah!
You’re gonna all die soon!
Your God is really mad,
You folks were really bad…!
…and so on.

The coyote as Noah, and he has every animal already on the ark, except for a roadrunner. Can’t you just see him hunched over the blueprints, using his Acme ruler marked off in cubits. Of course the whole ark would be propelled by a sail with an electric fan blowing on it, and the story ends with him plummeting off Mt. Ararat and kicking up a little cloud of dust.

(I originally considered Sylvester as Noah, with every animal except a tweety bird, but I’m trying to find some way for him for him to be Ponthiuth Puh- Puh- Pilate or possibly Judath, Ethcariot. And for some reason I see Michigan J. Frog as the snake in the garden of eden.)

Oh, one more.

Ralph Wolf as Cain and Sam Sheepdog as Abel. Sam tending his flock and Ralph trying to open a can o’ whupass on him.

Damn you, Osip, I can’t stop.

Marvin the Martian as the Angel of the Lord. “Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy! Isn’t that delightful?”

I don’t have a character, but for the stoning of Stephen, how about we use anvils instead of stones?

I see Bugs Bunny nailed to a cross. “Well what did you expect in the Bible, a happy ending?”

I’m seeing Wile E. as Jesus, and the Roadrunner as Pilate, for some reason.
(Meep! Meep!)

Samson is either the big, furry, orange monster with the tennis shoes, or the Tazmanian Devil.

You are SO going to hell!


I see Marvin Martian cast as Jonah. First, when he gets swallowed by the fish: “Ooo. It’s very dark down here, isn’t it?”

Then, when he eventually goes to Nineveh: “God wants me to tell you that he’s very angry with you.”

Sylvester as Doubting Thomas: “Thufferin’ Thuccotash! He does have a thpear wound in his thide!”

Witch Hazel as Delilah. Can you see her cackling and chasing Samson around, with bobby pins flying all over? And then she would go through one of her cookbooks to make a potion to put him to sleep.

For some reason I see Porky Pig as Pharoah. The only reason he would suffer through ten plagues is because he couldn’t get the words out. “Oh, j-j-j-just g-g-g-go, already!”

And Wile E. Coyote could be a soldier defending Jericho. When the wall falls, he would just look at the camera, hold up a sign that says [sub]“yipe!”[/sub], and plummet to the sand.

Yosemite Sam as King Ahab. “Whaddya mean it ain’t gonna rain for three years, ya consarn, mangy prophet!”

I have to stop, I’m soooo in trouble with the Almighty now.

Oh, I just thought of another one!

Porky and Petunia as Adam and Eve!

Don’t laugh, they never wear pants anyway.

Elmer fudd as the voice of god …

Now you see why we need a more interesting forum for the biblical stories. If The singing frog were to have been in a scence singing the demise of Sodom and Gammorah I would have paid much closer attention!

ResIpsaLoquitor Good call very funny. I doubt your going to hell. Your explaining the bible stories in a new way. While the thought of using the looney tunes my seem a bit of a bad thing, it gets everyones attention and brings the message across to those who would normally not pay any attention.

Robot Arm I had forgotten about the big orange monster.
Now, can someone cover the story of Job in the toon universe?
come on and Educate me people :smiley:

Actually, several Biblical stories would make for great scenes in a Chuck Jones cartoon.

  1. Remember the story where Peter sees Jesus walking on the water? Peter tries to do it to, and he IS walking on the water… until he looks down and REALIZES he’s walking on water, and then sinks. That is right out of a Warner Brothers cartoon- how many times did Elmer FUdd, Yosemite Sam or WIle E. COyote step off a cliff, and walk for about 20 paces, before looking down, realizing there was no ground, and then plummeting?

So… I’ll nominate Yosemite Sam as St. Peter.

  1. For David and Goliath, we could have Bugs Bunny and the Crusher (that guy who was first a boxer, and then a wrestler).

  2. Porky Pig could be Job, suffering misfortune after misfortune, while Daffy Duck tries to explain why it’s his own fault.

Oh…duh…how could we not see it:

the Chicken Hawk as King David, versus Crusher as Goliath.

“Now I’m God’s anointed one, and I’m out to kill my first giant, see? And YOU’RE it!”

Big orange monster = Gossamer.

I’d cast Foghorn as Lot and Miss Prissy as his wife fleeing the destruction of Sodom. Prissy looks back (after being told not to!), then turns into a pillar of salt and Foghorn says “Nice girl, but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.”

Daffy as a Roman soldier. “Hey bub! You need a messiah to go with this cross!”

Wile E. Coyote as Job. C’mon, it’s obvious.

I agree that Job is probably the best role for Wile E. Coyote, but we might need him for Lazarus too, because Wile E. Coyote has been flattened and blown to bits a million times and is always resurrected. Bugs Bunny would have to be Jesus, because Bugs is the only one clever enough to pull off surviving a crucifixion. Satan, portrayed by Yosemite Sam, tempts Bugs in the desert with explosive carrots. Then the Roman and Jewish authorities could be played respectively by Marvin the Martian, because of his cool helmet, and Elmer Fudd. Judas, played marvelously by Daffy Duck, betrays Bugs Christ by changing the “duck season” sign to say “rabbit season.”

Oh, and David and Goliath would be Sylvester and Tweety Bird.