Looooong window between searches permanent?

It gets kind of annoying when I search for something, don’t get the results I want, and go back to refine my search, only to realize that I have to wait five minutes to do so. It’s gotten so that I often just give up on what I’m searching for.

If I remember correctly, the move to a five-minute window was made as a desperate attempt to conserve some CPU cycles/memory on the old server, as it was running extraordinarily slowly.

Well, now that we have the new server and it’s only running relatively slowly (the best we could ever hope for, I guess), the window still remains at five minutes. Is there any word on when, if ever, it will be reduced to a reasonable amount of time?

Yes, no, maybe, we have no idea? We could tell you but then we’d have to kill you? None of the above?

Be patient. They’re searching the database for your answer. :slight_smile:


I imagine that the current wait between searches isn’t permanent, but when that’ll change is a question best left to Jerry when gets some time to address this issue and any other outstanding concerns leftover from the upgrade. He’s mentioned that he’ll keep us updated with regards to fixes and changes in the first post of this thread.