Looting in Brisbane

Sort of a recreational outrage really.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and in case it hasn’t been reported much OS, we are in the tail end of the worst flooding we’ve seen in 37 years. Brisbane itself has had 1 fatality, flash flooding upstream caused 15 deaths, and 60+ people still missing.

I mean there were ~20k+ houses affected by flooding, thousands of people displaced, There are literally thousands of people volunteering right across the city to help in all manner of ways. Some people who themsleves have lost their houses, soldiered on doing jobs in Police, SES, etc anyway.

And yet you get total scum of the earth individuals who want to take advantage of this situation.

There have now been ~10 arrests for looting.

I just really cannot understand the thought process or mentality of someone who sees this massive natural disaster and sees it as an opportunity to nick some stuff! Saw a press release today, that looting charges brought during a natural disaster brings an automatic doubling of sentence, so if we get convictions on these guys they will get 10 years.

Rot in Hell I say. Assholes.

Was downtown Brisbane affected by the floods?

To some extent it was yes. There is a fair elevation difference between one end of the CBD and the other. There is section of riverside in particular which was is a a popular restaurant precinct which was under several metres of water.

I like that law!

So I swim into a store or whatever, I nab a TV set or whatever, and I take it where? The whole place is a mud pie.

Looters are critters at the bottom of the foodchain. They’re beings who don’t have a family or friend connection to anybody else in the community, and they’ve lost any moral or ethical genes they MIGHT have possessed in the past.

I was GOING to say they’re most likely on Centrelink Benefits, but that’s not fair because I have no real idea of the background of any past or future culprits…for all I know they might be CEO’s of Rio Tinto.

But they’re scummy little sludge dwellers all the same.

Put 'em to work helping those flooded to clean out the mud and slime…:slight_smile:

I was also annoyed to see a fresh coat of graffiti on one of the trains parked near Toowong. Stupid pricks.

It was balanced out by the train being free. Had to wait a half hour + both ends, though.

TV news has been alternatively useful and annoying. Obviously, there’s been a lot of helpful information broadcast throughout. But I dislike how some reporters are trying to squeeze tears out of somebody who is coping with seeing all their possessions coated in filth. “Would you say you feel… heartbroken?” Get staked, vampire.

Aussie TV news also has a thing where if no Australians were involved it may as well never have happened. The Brazilian mudslides didn’t get a mention that I saw other than on SBS. Sort of understandable, I guess.

Dave, those mudslides wouldn’t have happened if they’d left a bit of hair on it.