Worthless shithead New Orleans looters.


**You ignorant ass, ghetto motherfuckers. **

Nothing like a massive human tragedy to bring out the best in people who are almost too stupid to breath.

Steal some shit for me too while you’re at it. And bring it back to your government subsidized apartment.

“We po’. We ain’t got nothin.” Hmm. Wonder why? Maybe your lack of judgement and self restraint contributed a tiny bit to your personal problems? Hmm? Maybe?

The best part of it is that they’ve got the spectacle in all its sordid glory captured on camera. No shame in your game. You’d have to look the word “shame” up in the dictionary. If you could read. Dumb motherfuckers. **Raggedy ass, chicken shit, lying motherfuckers. **

And a special “Fuck you!” to my man who told the Post reporter that this was “everybody’s store”. Shithead.

Good luck getting businesses to come back to that area. Good luck finding jobs. I’m sure the video footage will do wonders to get people to invest in urban America.

And if Georgie boy wasn’t playing war in the fucking oil patch half a world away, we’d have a lot more National Guardsmen to check you, since you can’t check yourselves.

I hope they shoot to kill. I’d buy the fucking bullets.

Nothing against your rant, of course, but this woman,

is a complete moron.

Ms Bollinger’s a fucking cow. But what d’ya expect. She’s a fucking tourist. From Philadelphia.

Well, goddamn, shitheads. At least you gave Ms Bollinger some local color.

What would downtown Baghdad look like if it was completely flooded by the Tigris and the Euphrates?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I just may visit the next city due to be hit by a catastrophic hurricane! I’d like to upgrade the home-theater system, you know.

No kidding. Ride out the 170 mph winds just so you can get first dibs … at WalMart??? What’s wrong with these people?

Slightly off topic, but one guy really cheesed me off. He was complaining on camera about how “we ain’t gettin’ no help here, nuthin’!”

Well, duh, services are kind of overwhelmed right now, jackass. And maybe if you had left when you could, you wouldn’t have to be whining about how nobody cares!

I imagine most of the poor people stayed because they didn’t have the means to leave. AFAIK, the city was not providing free transportation. Should they just let all that food rot, while they go hungry?

Huh? Mayor Nagin basically said that, although he doesn’t condone any manner of looting, police aren’t going to do anything about people leaving Winn Dixies with milk and diapers. This pit is clearly dedicated to those stealing jeans, guns, jewelry, etc…

People are fuckin cashin in. Stocking up. Carrying more shit than they can use, shit they don’t even have a use for. Hunger may be an issue in a minority of the cases. But you can’t eat blue jeans. Or new shoes. Or DVD players. Shit.

The starving and desperate excepted, what a busted up barrel of dirty, low-down, ass-up, thievin’ fools.

And what’s most useless about the looting is where are they going to put this stuff? In their apartments that will be flooded out by tomorrow? Most of it is going to just get ruined/washed away all over again.

Worthless shitheads indeed.

Gosh, and should they just let all that jewelry rot, while it’s there for the grabbin?
A big hearty “fuck you” from me to the guy who says, “it’s an opportunity to get back at society” in one of those articles.

Huh? yourself. I was refering to the reason why they probably stayed. I don’t approve of the looting of other merchandise, but it’s not hurting anyone. It’s just something that happens when there’s a disaster. The store owners are covered by insurance, and since their buildings are sitting in 10’ of water for who knows how long, they’ll have less to clean up.

As far as the looters being punished, just wait a couple of days, when they realize that wading around in filthy, shit filled water, just to get a free T.V., may not have been a good idea.

No. It’s not something that just happens.

There are plenty of places in the world, and even in the States, where “natural disaster” does not equal “license to steal”. Fuck that. And fuck those people who make a terrible situation even worse.

Insurance won’t cover everything. A lot of those businesses won’t come back.

“A chance to get back at society”? So, asshole (the guy in the story, not anyone on the board), is society responsible for your bad fucking choices? Feel free to lie in the bed that you shit all over, 'cause nobody’s gonna do your laundry for free.

I really don’t know what the situation is like there. Are there people operating stores? Can people buy food if they want to, or is looting the only option for obtaining food?

There are no stores open. Food supplies were provided for evacuation centers, including the Superdome, but all the people who didn’t go to a center are now finding themselves with no food and no way to get it. So they’re taking it.

Unfortunately, they’re also taking anything else that’s not nailed down. Which is pretty much everything.

They’ll turn up at local emergency rooms, demanding treatment, putting even more strain already overtaxed emergency medical services.

How many dumbshits who cut themselves on glass breaking into store windows will the local docs have to stitch up? Fuck.

An iron bars will become an essential feature of even more storefronts.

I didn’t say they had a right to it, or a “license to steal”. But, YES it is something that happens. It doesn’t even have to be a disaster. It happens during riots and power outages.

Yes, but that merchandise was already lost. Even the jewelry, that probably isn’t damaged by the conditions. The store owners can not sell it as new merchandise.

Of all the stupid shit I’ve heard on this forum today and Baton Rouge’s miserable news coverage (just moved in, no cable), this is by far the worst. It’s like commenting on a police officer that was murdered today by a looter and rationalizing it with “YES, it is something that happens during riots and murders and fights and whenever my filthy cunt’s scent becomes too obnoxious for people to remain competent.”

I just don’t understand why everyone is so shocked by the looting. We may lose one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Let the idiots have their useless T.V.s

No, it’s not like that at all. Please, do not accuse me of saying something, that I did not say.