Looting the presidency. Opinions?

Any one else hear of the looting of Airforce One and the Whitehouse by the outgoing staff? Blankets, dishes, cutlery, gifts to the administartion not yet compensated, etc. all disappeared with the Clintonians. Some of it even turned up on Ebay so it wasn’t just souvenir hunting involved, but actual larceny. Crassness, tackiness, and downright wrongness seem thick, any opinions?

The looting of Air Force One and the vandalism in the Oval Office is a sign of a staff that simply lacks any notion of class or fair play. I wonder if they stole stuff from the hotels they stayed at, too.

More distressing are the pardon of Mark Rich, the last-minute slew of expensive gifts to the Clintons, the situation in which it appears that a Hassidic community in New York may have given money to Hillary’s campaign in order to get a pardon for one of its own, and the list goes on. These issues do merit some ivestigation. I would not want a special prosecutor though–too wasteful of taxpayer money. However, I do agree with Bill O’Reilly that in some cases the FBI could do worse than to investigate these allegations, which is really all they are at this point.

I’m a Libertarian, and I’m NOT a Clinton basher. However, some of the final events of his presidency bear some scrutiny. Objective investigation cannot be a bad thing.


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