Is this normal?????

Is it normal for the outgoing WhiteHouse staff to vandalize the White House? Is it normal for the President and his entourage to “clean out” AirForce One after their last trip?
I’m not looking for a debate here. (I hope) I’m sure everyone agrees that what happened was shitty. What I want to know is whether or not this happens after every administration.

BTW…The WH trashing was more than just W’s missing from the keyboards. I was a little pissed at that, but decided I was overreacting. After all, I guess it is pretty funny.

The porn(sexual harrasment), graffiti, garbage and broken items are what really get me. Who the hell was running the country the last 8 years? Juvenile delinquents?
So I guess my question is…

Is this a normal transition?

The funniest part was when the press all dropped their pencils at the same time during the press conference!! Gosh, they must have planned that one.

How completley effin’ 6[sup]th[/sup] grade. :rolleyes:

Well, the Clinton administration didn’t use its final days to bomb Iraq and try to start a war in Somalia. Some thought those acts by George H. W. were somewhat… bitter.

Did that really happen? Do you have a link to a story on it?

i supposed its normal to do something to leave your “mark”…its very immature, hehe but you have to admit its somewhat amusing too.

Then there’s also the story of the folks from the Old Executive Building who removed the letter “W” from the typewriters.

I understand they took the mis-placed keys and either stole off with them completely or hid them above door jambs and such.

So childish.

Here’s a suggestion. Make the title of the thread reflect it’s actual contents, and you may get more and/or better responses.

Here’s a related article from the 17 January edition of a reputable news source:

Clinton Not Expecting To Collect White House Security Deposit

WASHINGTON, DC-- Surveying the White House’s walls and bathroom fixtures in preparation for move-out, President Clinton said Monday that he expects to forfeit his security deposit. “It’s just not worth it,” Clinton said. “I’d rather lose the $575 than have to deal with fixing all the nail holes and chipped porticos and stuff.” Noticing a small, brownish stain on the East Room’s carpet, Clinton added: “It’s not like the place is trashed, but eight years of summits and state dinners are really going to take their toll on a place.”

Sorry, that should be a reputable news source

No SHIT !!!. On balance, I’d say the removal of various items bearing the Presidential Seal, and the amusing ( and, tough darts, but it IS hilarious ) removal of the letter “W” from computer keyboards is a lot more tame, and non-violent than what George H.W. did. Sofa nailed it. You want to leave a lasting legacy? Don’t blow the fuck out of civillians and begin a war in the closing days of your Presidency.

I’ll take immature over murder any day of the week. :mad:


If Clinton’s staff did that, it’s simply childish. Stupid.

I should point out that many of these items that were allegedly “stolen” from Air Force 1 (although no authoritative news source confirms it) also bear the words “President Bill Clinton.” And most presidents replace the china anyway. Items bearing the current presidential seal are obsolete anyway, soon to be replaced with the new presidential seal, the Enron logo.

I agree with Sofa and Cartooniverse. Clinton’s staffers stole the pillowcases and china; Bush’s stole the whole friggin election. We all have our crosses to bear.

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The last update I read on this put the damge at $200,000. Bush has stated that he does NOT want it to be prosecuted, as a signal that he wants to change the tone.

Actions of State have no relation to petty theft and vandalism. The one thing I can say about Clinton and his people, they were consistent to the end.


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I read in the San Jose Mercury News (paper version and can’t find it online, you’ll just have to trust me) that the former Bush admin did the same thing on the way out and it was sort of tradition.

They talked about writing on desks, all pencils being 1 inch long, crap like that.

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Please limit your posts to things that are responsive to the OP. Did the Bush (the elder) administration “play a prank” or whatever on the incoming Clintons? Did Reagan’s do it to Bush? Washington to Adams?

Well, in '92 (and I have to find a source), Bush’s people, upon leaving, removed all the hard drives from all the computers. The new administration spent the first week reinstalling Windows