The things found messed up or missing after the Clinton administration left

Did anyone else hear about the occurances that happened in the white house? What do you all think about the carvings inside some of the desks and the overturned desks? What about the missing W’s on the keyboards that made it so that when the staff typed in the new president’s name his father’s records came up? When you answer, could you state if you are a Republican or a Democrat?

Jeez, those pranks were minor.Stupid,yet minor. I wonder what other things were done that were unpublicized by the media in past administrations. My party affiliation? Let’s all say it like Rudolph did: “I’m in-de-pend-dant”. Hope this isn’t a harsh reply.

I thought it was funny. BTW, I thought they just took off the key covers.

Nope, Guin, most of the keyboards were really broke. Most of the “stolen” stuff had Clinton’s name on it anyway…

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