Lord of The Rings Maps and Iteneraries

After not having read the series in over a year, I finally came back to good ole’ Frodo and Co. I remember years back reading a book that covered the Fellowship day-by-day complete with maps. Does anyone remember the title/author?

Also, is there anywhere online I can find the same info? I found a daily schedule that’s pretty accurate, but I’m forced to rely on the maps at the back of the books. They’re great, of course, but I don’t want to guesstimate the distances traveled and eyeball them on the map. Having that done for me and more accurately would be a welcome companion. Maybe not as invaluable as having a ranger giving me directions, but I have a feeling they’re a bit hard to come by nowadays. :wink:

Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, by Barbara Strachey

Also, Karen Wynn Fonstad’s Atlas of Middle-Earth has an extensive section of trail maps with notes for both the Hobbit and the LotR.

ETA: And I think the Fonstad is a little closer to affordable…

I don’t know why that edition’s so expensive. This is the edition I have. (Actually, not it isn’t – mine’s from Unwin. Same cover, though.)

Thanks jayjay. It was the Fonstad that I read. It came from the library, so I’ll have to have a look there until I’ve got the money. The Strachey book looks nice too, but I think I’ll have to use the birthday present angle on that one. :wink:

In the meantime, are there any online equivalents? Looking deeper into the link I posted earlier, there are more detailed maps (forex the Westfold and Fords of the Isen area) but there’s no scale and its a crude, but nicely done, MSPaint rendition.

I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I’ve never needed to find that kind of trail map online so I don’t know any sites for it.

I love XKCD - Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada, Boom-De-Yada. :slight_smile:

Now I have that Discovery Channel commercial stuck in my head…

I remember saving that comic but now I can’t manage to find it. Two copies can’t hurt, though. I’m still surprised at how complicated the plot is without seeming overwhelming. I’m also still surprised at Randall Munroe’s never-ending awesomeness.

I do love those timelines. Unfortunately that is for the Movies not the Books. So there are a number of discrepancies which may be annoying for someone like the OP who is evidently reading the books.

Really? I see they don’t have the Nazgul heading to Isengard but what else is there?

Well for one thing, that map has Arwen encountering the hobbits just before they run afoul of the Nazgul at the Fords, which is blatant historical revisionism (it was Glorfindel who actually met them).

Plus it doesn’t show Eowyn going back to Rohan with Eomer before she plights her troth to Faramir.

Ah - good point. And they’re missing Celeborn and Galadriel going to Minas Tirith (and home) along with the Hobbits being all together from the start.

Merry stayed in Minas Tirith with Eowyn and Faramir and did not go to the “Black Gate.”
Gandalf was not imprisoned around the time the Hobbits were at Weathertop. He was in the neighborhood having just been on Weathertop. He also should be shown spending some time with Galadriel, instead of just jumping to Fanghorn from Moria.
Elrond doesn’t go to Rohan. He never leaves Rivendale.
There was only one elf at Helms Deep, and his name is Legolas. No Lorien elves.
Likewise Eowyn wasn’t at Helms Deep.
Contrary wise Eomer *was *at Helms Deep. And prior to that he should only have a quick spike to “Hobbits Escape.” He didn’t leave Theoden until some time after the “Breaking of the Fellowship” and returns immediately to Theoden after “Hobbits Escape.”
The army of the Dead didn’t go all the way to Pelennor Fields.

And there are a number of others, many of which are pretty minor. But they may prove annoying to a reader of the books.

That’s “Rivendell”, and I don’t understand what you mean here unless you’re trying to say that Elrond stays in Rivendell until after the war ends. Then, of course, he brings Arwen to Minas Tirith for her marriage and goes back home via the Gap of Rohan with other members of the Fellowship.

IIRC, in the movies, Elrond travels to Rohan after the muster while they’re on the road to Minas Tirith to give Aragorn Anduril and to tell him to take the Paths of the Dead

Darn spell check. I used to live in a Rivendale apartment complex. Ever since then my spell check auto corrects to that. :smack:

And yes, MeDrewNotYou got the scene exactly which the xkcd timeline references. On the timeline Elrond is pretty flat in Rivendell with two dips. One is to meet Aragorn at Dunharrow, the second to deliver Arwen to Minas Tirith for Aragorn’s Crowning. Of course the first doesn’t happen in the book. And the second is from a highly compressed timeline. In the book Elrond and Arwen don’t show up until two months after Aragorn was crowned.