Middle-earth maps

I’ve been looking online for maps of Middle-earth. Everything I can find is movie-based, but perhaps my google-fu is weak. Are the original maps which the Tolkiens (Ronald & Christopher) drew available anywhere other than in the books? I’d like copies without folds in them.

Also, Pauline Baynes (proverbially Professor Tolkien’s favorite illustrator) produced illustrated poster versions of the maps from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Where can one see/obtain those?

My GF bought me a non-movie Middle Earth map long ago. It is poster size, and currently framed and hanging in my office. She doesn’t remember where she bought it (other than “on line”), but I do remember we first saw it hanging in a poster shop at South Street Seaport in NYC (and she noted my salivation over it), if that helps you any.
Oops… on closer inspection, it says “New Line Enterprises” in the fine print in the margin. But it looks like authentic Tolkien material to me!

Not originally drawn by Tolkien, but geographer/cartographer Karen Wynn Fonstad created an entire Atlas of Middle Earth back in the 1980s. I believe that it’s still in print:


Fonstad also created atlases for other fictional worlds:


There seem to be several available from different sources and on eBay that appear to be the original map, such as this one and this one.

Someone once did a full-color version that showed a much greater area of land-mass than is in the original books. It showed the equivalent of India and China. Obviously, they took exceptional liberties – they made it up! But it was pretty. I’ve got a copy…er…buried somewhere in my art collection/kitchen midden.

I picked up the Pauline Baynes one on eBay several years ago, to go with my Baynes Narnia map.

Not quite canon, but the Middle Earth Roleplaying System wikipedia link came with color maps, and some supplementary books that included maps focusing on distinct regions (like the Shire).

OK, here’s an example. It looks like Thror’s map from the front of The Hobbit. No gold fringe, no extra colours, just the freakin’ map.

Thror’s map