Lord of the (scene missing) Rings

What with the release of the Retuern of the King extended edition DVD, you would think I have my fill of the rings saga, right? Instead, there is one scene that is really bugging me. It was on the trailer for the Fellowship of the Ring way back when, and it shows Legolas, Boromir and one of the hobbits running away from camera into a wooded area. Legolas turns to face camera, drawing his bow and firing in one swift motion. A really cool shot that always caught my eye, that i missed in the theatrical release. Confident it would appear on the EE, I was disapointed again. What has my curiosity is that it doesnt seem to be snipped from any scene that DID make the final cut- it is in a wooded area, Boromir and the hobbits and Legolas are all together… Another scene that was in the trailer shows Aragorn, close to camera, looking to the left. He moves his head ever so slightly to avoid an arrow which whizzes past him intothe distance. Again this takes place in the same wooded area… It seems that a large battle scene was excised, and the only place that i can think of it occuring is during the fellowships race from the mines to the woods of lothlorien (lothlorien, right?). In which case, fair enough, the mines scenes were intense enough without another battle straight after. But will we ever see these scenes reinstated into the film, in some super-duper dvd release? And if New Line knew they were to be cut, why include them in the trailer? Anyone? Anyone?

I’ve seen a number of times where a scene in a trailer didn’t end up in the movie. I would guess it was cut after the trailer was made.

I remember the first trailer I ever saw for LotR (in '99 maybe?) was a short teaser and the only characters it showed were an army of orcs marching over a hilly landscape. That definitely wasn’t in the first film and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in the second or third.

With ~7 years of production, I imagine that there was a lot filmed that even the most super-duper mega ultra special DVDs won’t show.

And since this question probably doesn’t deserve it’s own thread: Is there any extended edition set of all three movies coming out?


I knew they’d eventually do this which is why I never bought the individual movies when they were released on DVD.

I know the shot you’re thinking if and it’s Uruk-hai marching to Helm’s Deep. It’s there in the theatrical Two Towers.

Are you sure? I seem to remember it being maybe ~500 (not 10,000), and they were more scattered out, not really marching in any kind of formation or with formal posture.

I surely could be wrong though. It’s been nearly 6 years since I saw it.

The 3 disk set DOES NOT contain anything that is not already in the EE (other than the slipcase). I, for one, don’t think THAT was worth the wait. (vesides, I could get the slipcae if I wanted)

p.s. anyone else get all :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: from watching “The Passing of an Age” on disk 4?