Los Angeles River, is open to kayakers for a few weekends.

This sounds very encouraging. The clean up efforts on the Los Angeles River are slowly improving the river. It’s been heavily polluted for all my life and closed for any recreational use. I’m thrilled to hear they are making progress. It can be done. I recall the Potomac river was just as bad and it’s been drastically improved in the last twenty years.

I’d love to do this if I lived closer.

More information on the river & it’s management by the corps. They took a very heavy handed approach for a long time. Not allowing anyone on the water.

It sounds like the cleanup and restoration is still in the early stages. I guess they have to start somewhere. I’m always glad to hear any waterway is being taken care of. I bet the sight of those politicians wobbling in kayaks was hilarious. :wink:

Maybe they’ll eventually organize something like this in LA. An event with volunteers is the only way to get enough manpower to clean up trash.

This was just held a few weeks ago. At one time the Potomac was one of the most polluted rivers we had. They’ve done a lot of restoration in the past thirty years.



All us non-LA people know about the LA river comes from watching Emergency and all the movies with car-chase scenes down the cement [del]pond[/del] crick.

Is there ever a possibility of the entire river becoming navigable for kayaks & the like, or is it simply an overflow path for floods, period? I assume with the area’s water needs, they ain’t lettin nuthin get to the ocean!

Parts of it have water year round and even sustain wildlife like carp.