Lost 2.13: "The Long Con"

Only if it were a prank

That’s the Monstre, to you, bub… and I’ll let you know next time I get hungry. :wink:

Early predictions:
Player’s gonna get played.

The attacker’s not an “other”, it’s someone trying to drum up a war against the others. Like AL said, they aren’t scared enough to commit yet.

Boy everybody is getting testy. Who said that maybe this is the start of the sickness CFL spoke of?


I think Sayid was just imagining that the coconut was Ana Lucia’s head.

It crossed my mind

So, Detective Sawyer will put the mystery all together – from his con-artist experience.

I’m not thinking that Jack was being real smart in joining the gun stash into one place. Too much opportunity for one of them (Jack or John) to act unilaterally. And John knows how to change the combo.

“Therapeutic purposes”?

They are listening to us!

7 33 18 is the new combo.

Wonder if Sawyer is actually pulling “the long con” on his new apprentice. After all, the “one long con” is presumably her idea.

I know that waitress!

Going along with the “con” theme – maybe Sawyer knows more about the attack than he’s letting on. He didn’t do it, because he was in the tent. But maybe he’s using this thing to get back at Jack. I kind of get a feeling that he’s manipulating Kate into suspecting Ana Lucia, and then warning Locke about the guns was “her” idea.

Somehow I think “Ana Lucia did it”, which seems to be the obvious answer, is not going to end up being the real answer.

Hasn’t someone also observed that whenever the dog shows up, something baaad is about to happen?

this incident
Shannon right before she was shot
Walt before the polar bear incident

any more?

Television execs need to have live electric eels shoved down their pants for this new thing they’ve been doing with having some shows run over time and some start early. Who’s with me?!
So I switched over to ABC expecting to see it showing what happened on the last episode and instead it’s already underway and Locke and Jack are in the gun locker talking. It was just a few seconds before Jack noticed the Mary statues, so did I miss much before that?

Everyone is suspecting AL for the Sunnapping but I think it’s pretty obvious it was Vincent. He’s cute but shifty.

It’s Kate’s mom, right?

Holy crap, didn’t see that coming! I thought they had domesticated Sawyer.

Holy crap – Sawyer wants his spot back as Most Hated Castaway. He’s pissed that Charlie stole that status from him! Okay, so he conned everybody, but who is his accomplice? After all, he WAS in the tent when Sun was attacked. Did he get Ana Lucia to do it for him, or somebody else? Scott, or Steve (whichever one isn’t dead)?

It’s the Grim!!!

No! Not Charlie!!

Well, damn.


That Sawyer is one crafty son of a bitch, ain’t he?

I had his mark pegged to run off with the money without him, but I guess the idea was to screw over her, and his patron. And on further review, that wouldn’t have made sense, since it was her money to begin with.

I do worry that they’ve put Sawyer back exactly where he started. Same with Charlie, really. Hopefully we’ll see how some of what’s happened on teh island has changed them.