Lost 2.13: "The Long Con"

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The previews show Sun being kidnapped, but I think we can assumed it was staged by Ana-Lucia or someone aligned with her in order to generate more fear of The Others. Hmmm… a staged terrorist attack to boost recruitment for an army. Don’t get any ideas, anybody! :slight_smile:

From the ABC “Lost” site:

“The Long Con” Survivors fear that “The Others” may have returned when Sun is injured during a failed kidnapping attempt.

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I haven’t heard anything about the flashbacks tonight, but the title makes it sound like we’re getting more on Sawyer. I usually enjoy his flashbacks–at least, more than I enjoyed Charlie’s last episode.

*Dear “Lost” Writers & Producers,

I know that this episode is supposed to be about Sawyer, but because it cannot be said enough: Please do not ever make me have to see Charlie in a diaper again, OK? Thanks … love you guys, can’t wait to see who the Monster eats next!

Ooches of smooches,

Sawyer and Kate’s relationship is supposed to take a surprising turn. Kate’s mother will also be shown. I hope we don’t get a situation where Sawyer once slept with Kate’s mom.

I really don’t understand all the hate for Charlie’s commercial. I thought that scene was hilarious.

I thought it was funny, yes, but I didn’t think the flashbacks taught us anything new about Charlie, and that was where my disappointment came from. Although I’m totally down with the idea that Charlie’s going not-so-slowly mad.

I suppose I just want my flashbacks to have revelations. I should probably lower my expectations a little. :slight_smile:

No spoiler because it’s in the radio ad that’s been running for a coule of days. Apparantly they find someone inside the group is working against them and Jack is interrogating he/she. Of course it wasn’t revealed who it is.

I’ll be out of the house this evening, so I won’t get to see the episode until I watch the tape tomorrow.

Or very late tonight when I get home.

It’ll probably be late tonight.

If my comments seem more incoherent than usual, it’s sleep deprivation. 'kay?

It was hilarious, and also weirdly frightening, somehow. I had nightmares about that commercial. That’s all. I only mentioned it because for a few weeks I had asked for Charlie to sing “You All Everybody,” and I neglected to be careful what I wished for. Mostly, though, I kind of hate Charlie, and don’t want to care for him ever again. Although I already feel bad for him, what with his being batshit crazy and all. So … yeah, I’m babbling. Feel free to ignore me.

Yeah. You forgot that oh-so-important part about being careful what you wish for.
Good Lord, that diaper commercial was scary.

I’m also going to miss it, but after last night’s heartbreaking Scrubs fiasco, I have triple-checked the VCR. Tape in, fully rewound, timer set. Checked. And checked again. And more than likely, my Inner Monk will check it at least twice more before I leave the house. With warnings to all, “Touch the VCR and Mommy will break your fingers!”

Well. Here we are again.

Lost is on! Woo hoo!

My downfall always comes when I neglect to check that the VCR is off, thus enabling the timer. Please don’t make my mistake. It’s heartbreaking.

Oh, I’m pretty good about that. This VCR takes 30 seconds to shut off - it goes through this whole thing - it pops up a warning on the TV screen that says, “The timer will be on when VCR is off. The VCR will remain off until recording begins.”
Well, duh. That stays there for a bit so you can read it, then it goes through this whole thing that, I swear, sounds like the VCR is sighing - “Damn, they’re shutting me off again.”
It’s this “Hmmmmmm, whirrrrrrrr, wheeeeee” sound as it shuts down and goes off. I always stand there and make sure the power light goes off and the little timer light goes on.

I don’t know why, but when I read your post, I hear the VCR warnings in the voice of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

“It rubs the lotion on its skin.”

I say Libby. I don’t know her story, but I’m certain that she is not who she says she is. Maybe Hurley tells Jack about her claim that Hurley stepped on her foot as he boarded the plane and Jack starts to wonder how that could happen since she was sitting in the back of the plane and Hurley boarded after everyone was seated.

re: Charlie’s flashback. It wasn’t really a flashback in the sense of other flashbacks we’ve seen. It was a series of dreams mixed in with flashbacks. Or at least the first one was a dream…

And why is Jack still wearing that key around his neck? Surely they aren’t keeping the old guns seperate from the new ones, are they…?

I noticed that too. There has to be something besides the guns in that box, right?

I think it represents the key to Kate’s…something. Maybe they keep her little airplane in the box.

Actually, keeping the guns seperate makes some sense. We know Jack doesn’t fully trust Locke, who seems to be in charge of all things Hatch-related.

Woot! Enjoy it, because after tonight we have to wait until April for more new episodes.


Yes, fortunately we won’t be interrupted by the Jamaican Curling team at the Olympics next Wednesday. :slight_smile:

“Ana Lulu”


Hee hee, starting early with a great Hurley line.

Lime in the coconut. :smiley:

Am I the only one thinking it would be great if Sayid was working on a coconut radio??