Lost 1.11: "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"

Didn’t see a thread started yet, so I figured I get it going.

An idea I had last week is that maybe Ethan has kidnapped Claire as part of the plan to ensure no one other than her raises the baby. Of course, that might not bode well for Charlie…

Can’t wait until 8PM PST!

  • I can’t to learn more about the relationship between Jack and his dad.

  • What is the “island mystery” that Boone and Locke discover?

  • What will Sawyer do to Sayeed?

  • What’s going to happen to Claire and Charlie!!??
    Stay tuned!

can’t wait. I can’t wait to learn more about…


Yay for Wednesday!

And of course, the Lost threads spoiler policy:

Oh yeeaaahhhhhh.

What about the TITLE guys? Looks like it could be a revisit of Jack’s past, remember, he had daddy issues, and he’s… kinda a cowboy. Or… who else?

I haven’t been at home at all this week, so I haven’t seen any previews about this weeks episode. Is Claire going to have the baby this week?

I’m guessing she is. She’s due soon, (I think) and seemed to be going into labor last week.

Surely she won’t have her baby until December 25?

I was typing a longish theory about that title… I think I was on my eighth paragraph and accidentally erased it. Sigh.

Embrace brevity, people.

My theory? While obstinsably a Jack centered epsiode, my shrewd WAG is that “cowboys” (note the plural-- EVERY other episode title has had singular subjects) will significantly refer to certain other islanders, too.

According to dictionary.com, a “cowboy” is:

… a hired hand.
… a hero.
… a reckless person. (slang)
… a marauder during the Revolutionary War.

Based on those definitions, and IF my theory is right, “all the best cowboys” this episode will feature:

… Maggie. (Our hired hand.)
… Jack. (Our hero. Duh.)
… Sawyer. (Reckless.)
… Sayid. (Marauder.)

Another marauder may prove to be “Ethan Rom.” We’ll see.

Locke, I predict, will be seen coolly looking on the proceedings, distant but observant, offering advice to those who will listen but ultimately uninvolved.

Finally, with the phrase, “daddy issues” the simplest explanation means this is someone with problems with their father. (Jack, Sun, Walt.) It might be more broadly interpreted as someone with problems or has had problems with male authority (Maggie, Sawyer, Sun, Sharon, Sayid, Locke.) A daddy may refer to an older man involved with a younger woman. Or issues could refer to money, or offspring, or emotional/behavioral problems, or a bodily discharge such as blood, pus – or even semen.

Or it could be this episode title doesn’t easily fall into the wordplay / pun / metaphor / homonym / slang / double entendre pattern as all the others.

See you guys later tonight.

You have some interesting theories, but I think this one is wrong. Based on the previews for this week, Locke is (actively) involved with Jack in tracking Claire and Charlie. Sorry…

Does he, really. Or does he… really?


I almost never watch previews, incidentally.

Re-reading my “cowboys” theory post, I now realize I have called Kate, “Maggie.” Twice.

Hmmm. I’m eating chili. Is that what’s responsible for my brain fart?

I kept thinking… who’s Maggie?

Odinoneeye. Y’know. Maggie. The youngest Simpson.

I was so busy making sure I spelled Sayid’s name right this week that just completely misnamed Kate.

I love the SDMB, but it’s so much better to call yourself out on a mistake you’ve made than to have some of you snide bastards do it (I say affectionately). Nothing like having someone correct you and then add that goddamn “rolleyes” smilie.

Still missing: where’s Rose?



They are reading our threads! :eek:

Ok, yeah, that’s just creepy.

Which one of you is talking to the producers?

We learn more of Jack’s problem with his dad.

And a little bit extra about Kate.

What’s going to happen to Saayid, now that Sawyer knows he’s back?

Jack’s father really was an asshole, wasn’t he? A master manipulator. I wonder what was going through Jack’s head as he signed the document? Lose the battle, win the war?
The strife between Michael and Locke bears watching.