Lost 1.15: "Homecoming"

Well, no one has gotten to it yet, so I guess I’ll start this one.

I’m getting tired of these 2 week breaks. I haven’t been this into a drama since Babylon 5, I don’t think. I sure hope that the whole basis of the show doesn’t turn out to be corny, and make me feel cheated, having all this anticipation.
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Took you long enough!


Awesome. New episode, finally! I have never been into a show this much since second season of 24 (didn’t watch ANY other season), and even then, not nearly to the level of this show where I actually think about it during class and when bored. It’s just so crazy. The writers for this show, so far, are awesome.

What a long to time to have to wait for the next episode of the best show on TV…

Will Michael be the new apostle? Will Claire still be prego? Will Boone and Locke consumate their reliationship? :slight_smile:

My Lost party starts in about 3 hrs!

Yeah, the thing I’m worried about is that it’ll be a twin peaks sort of thing. I never watched the show, but I heard from everyone that the writers were really good at building up suspense and a sense of mystery and foreshadowing and all that … and went nowhere with it.

This show gives me some of the same vibes that Babylon 5 did in regards to building up mysteries, depth of characters and stories, and such - but it has a HUGE potential to turn out to be all for nothing and corny if the way all the mysteries are revealed is hard to believe and cheesy.

Careful… you’re on the verge of blaspheming!

Ok, I’m ready. My friends have been warned that a phone call on Wednesday between 8 and 9pm is an offense punishable by, well, bad things.

Shhh, it’s starting!

Even the ABC site didn’t tell us if Claire is still with child or not.

How did she get away? If still preggers, who’s going to come after her now?

Anything now in this thread is a spoiler of the epis


She still has the unborn in her, but apparantly lost her memories.

Drugs? Hypnosis? How will this affect the baby?

The flight was Sydney to LA

They’ve been there almost a month.

Locke’s answers to Boone made me laugh.

More Charlie backstory.
Sayid makes a good point. “How many times have you [Jack] ever diagnosed actual amnesia?”

Jack: “Good point.”
Ethan used a black rock in the sling to fell Jin.

Ethan’s back!

Anybody get the feeling that Jin speaks English, too? Maybe he and his wife can confess to each other at the same time in English…

Building up to be a good plot driven episode this time…



Piffle. Now if I only had something to say. :frowning:

Well, I think it should be pretty clear that Jin doesn’t speak English (this was speculated in previous threads) – since he’s asking his wife what’s going on, speculating together. (Obviously she knows).

Ethan is a sinister, mean mo-fo. Dayum…

Awesome first 10 minutes!

Someone better die this episode. I get tired of all these near deaths/threats with nothing coming out of it. Hopefully it’s the guy from Rules of Attraction. He brings absolutely nothing to the table.

Heh – Sayid seemed skeptical about Boone volunteering for sentry duty.

At least his new boyfriend backed him up. :wink:

So, Locke seems to think Ethan isn’t a loner. Did he extrapolate that from Sayid’s encounter with Danielle?

For some reason, Lucy (from backstory) reminds me of Angua.

Okay, Jack. How about putting guns in trained hands? Sayid, Kate, Locke (?), maybe someone else?

What “Homecoming” is Charlie going to experience in that back story? Or is it referring to Claire only?

I think Boone is dreaming again.

With 40-something survivors of the crash (most of whom we haven’t seen), there’s plenty of room for redshirts – I’d be surprised if they killed off one of the major characters (instead of an “extra”).

But we’ll see…

OK Jin doesn’t speak English. He was just annoyed with Charlie’s blathering, which is pretty much a universal language.

Four guns, no trained hands? Locke, Sayid and Kate all know how to handle guns. Certainly one of the remaining 40+ people has some training. I’d be busting out the sidearms.

Of course, with each episode thet make Locke look more suspicious. I sure hope he’s not in cahoots with the islanders…

Bad Boone! Asleep on the job…


Yeah, I was about to say the same thing. After Jack saying, “I won’t put guns in untrained hands”. Well, Sayid was a soldier! Kate knows how to handle a gun (from the bank robbery flashback), despite her claims otherwise in episode 2 (“How do I take it apart?”)

Don’t know about Locke, but I bet he’s a quick study.

Sawyer did a pretty good job with the gun in epsiode 2 against the polar bear.