Official "Lost" Questions Thread

All right “Lost” fans, there’s a new episode on tonight. With the number of unanswered questions on this show I thought it might be helpful if we had an official list of mysteries. We can add to the list as new mysteries are brought up and cross them off as the answers are revealed.

Here’s what I have to start:

  1. Why did the plane lose radio contact?
  2. Why did the plane crash?
  3. How did a polar bear get on the island?
  4. What is the big monster?
  5. What is the source of the French Transmission?
  6. What happened to the people mentioned in the French Transmission?
  7. How has the FT been broadcasting for so long?
  8. Are Adam and Eve part of that same group mentioned in the FT?
  9. What’s the deal with the black and white rocks?
  10. What did Kate do to put her in trouble with the law and make her so eager to run from everything?
  11. What was the nature of her relationship with the Federal Marshal? Was it more complicated than it seems?
  12. What exactly was the nature of Locke’s paralysis?
  13. Why was he traveling with three hundred knives?
  14. What was the problem between Jack and his Dad?
  15. Why wasn’t Jack’s Dad in the coffin?
  16. What was Jin doing for Sun’s father?
    I could have included questions like “What’s the deal with Sawyer already? Why is he such an ass?” But I figured we should wait until we have some basic info about a character before we start down this road. Also, no questions that are simple “What will happen?” things. For instance, “Will Hurley lose weight?” is out.

How’s this for a start? Anything we should add/discuss/change? (Or perhaps I should forget the whole thing?)

Who killed the boar? Locke or the monster?
What happened to the tail section of the plane?
How big is the island? What else is on it? Obviously there’s evidence of at least one other plane crash - maybe there are more?
I think we’re sort of covering these in the week-by-week threads, but maybe it’s a good idea to have a giant summary thread we can refer to for all the answers if we miss an episode, instead of sifting through weeks worth of speculation and discussion.

But, that would depend on the show giving us the answers… and it’s not doing that yet!

That’s kinda what I had in mind, yes.

As for the answers, I have been led to believe that some of these questions will be answered in the not too distant future. Which will probably lead to more questions. That’s OK with me, I’m just enjoying the ride.

Good additions, by the way. This gives us:

  1. Who killed the boar? Locke or the monster?
  2. What happened to the tail section of the plane?

I would leave out questions like “How big is the island?” and “What else is on the island?” for now as they seem a little too vague. When we find something on the island that we have questions about - then it goes on the list.

But you did remind me of another one:

  1. Is Rose’s husband alive, or has she just lost it?

A Sawyer-specific mystery that might be worth considering: In the last episode (or was it the one before?), when he jumped on Kate, he said something about first having this fantasy four years ago. I don’t have the exact quote, but it was a very odd thing for him to say.

Someone (was it you?) mentioned in another thread that perhaps he and Kate already know each other. Maybe he knows her from whatever crime she commited? Maybe he was involved somehow? But then he would have known who had the handcuffs on, nevermind…

I still think they know each other from “before,” though. He talks to her like he already knows her or knows something about her, and she seems to try to ignore him like she doesn’t want to be with him. She’s never around him, she seems to prefer the company of others.
I think when we get his backstory, she’ll be in it.

Regarding the conversation in last night’s episode between Kate and Sayid:

  1. How did the 48 people (initially) survive the plane crash? Was it just luck?

Good addition av8rmike.

Cervaise, I think the line was “I made this birthday wish four years ago”. On the one hand it sounds like just a throw-away joke. On the other, it’s pretty specific. I guess I’d tentatively enter:

  1. Was Sawyer refering to something specific with his line to Kate?

As for last night’s episode, Charlie’s story seems pretty straightforward. No big mysteries there that I can see. Makes for a nice change of pace.


  1. Who conked Sayid on the head?

After last night, I’d move the starting point on this question back a little bit: How do the castaways (and by extension us) know this is an island at all?

This is a question regarding the rocks, but may be considered a spoiler so I’ll box it. It’s a translation of the french transmission which is a little more thorough than what was translated on the show -

[spoiler]“Il sont morts, ils sont tous morts” ---- they are dead, they are all dead…

“Venez nous aidez” ---- come to help us…

“Je vais essayer d’aller jusqu’au rocher noir” ---- I am trying to reach the black rock…

“Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci” ---- If someone can hear this…

“Il les a tué… Il les a tué tous” ---- It killed them, it killed them all

“Il est dehors, et Brendon a pris les clefs” ---- It’s outside, and Brendon (or Brennan, may be Brenda, it’s not very well-pronounced) took the keys…

So, is the black rock mentioned in the transmission, the same as the small black stone Jack found (along with the white one)? Seems unlikely, but then I didn’t really place much significance on the stones in the first place, now I’m not sure what to think.

I should add this is not my translation, read it on another board, so feel free to point out errors.

  1. Why was he traveling with three hundred knives?
    This is just a WAG, but I think that Locke’s fantasy not only involved going on a walkabout but becoming the ultimate survivalist.
  1. Is Rose’s husband really dead, or has she just lost it?
    :confused: I’m pertty sure Jack mentioned he was dead.

Yes, and Rose responded that the people in the back of the plane probably think the people in the front of the plane are dead. Considering Sayid’s comment on our groups survival of the plane crash … who knows. Granted, the guy is probably dead, but they sho has presented this question to me so I’m gonna keep it until further information is forthcoming.

cichlidiot, I’ve read that translation too and I’m prett sure we’re talking about seperate things here.

I’m pretty sure that the reference to “300 knives” (I think it was “400 knives”, actually) was hyperbole. There clearly weren’t that many in the case Locke had.

  1. What was in the letter Sawyer was reading that made him seem upset?
  2. Who was the woman in the photo that Claire gave Sayid?
  3. Did Locke actually SEE the large creature?
  4. What cured Locke’s paralysis? (a pretty broad question)
  5. What killed the earlier group? (We may be wrong to assume it is the creature!)

Some of these aren’t ongoing mysteries as they will be resolved sooner rather than later.

The French word le rocher means “the rock” in the sense of boulder, crag, or outcropping, i.e. not something that you could put in your pocket. The small stone or pebble would be la pierre in French. Of course they could be related – the small black stones could be chips off the larger “black rock”.

These are a little “meta” in that they speak a bit to how things are being presented, so I don’t know if they “count” by your definition:

  1. What is the significance of that comic book that was found? (Show creators have stated that everything the survivors find/read/etc. is chosen with significance).

  2. What is the significance of Sawyer reading Watership Down? (same issue as above)

  3. Why did Sun want to flee Jin and her dad? (clearly related to what Jin does for her dad, but her motives, and her eventual decision not to flee, are also mysterious).

  4. Do we know why the African-American man (Harold Perrineau is the actor?) was separated from his son, then had to come get him in Australia? If we don’t - what happened?

I don’t think (31) is a big mystery; it’ll probably be explained when we get their backstory. I just assume it’s as simple as divorce; Mom dies; dad comes to fetch their kid.

We do know that Michael hasn’t had much contact with Walt, and that Walt and his mom moved around a lot.
When Walt and Locke were playing backgammon, and Walt said he and his mom lived in Australia. Locke commented on the fact that he (Walt) didn’t have an Australian accent, and Walt said they moved around a lot.
There’s been some implication that she was maybe on the run from Michael or something else - she obviously moved around, and wasn’t letting Michael see Walt much.
The mom was killed (in a car accident, IIRC) a few weeks previously and Michael had come to Australia to get Walt and take him home with him. Walt is not thrilled about going to live with this father he doesn’t know.

I missed the first ten minutes of the 10/21 episode. Apparently someone died while swimming, but I don’t know who or how. Would someone please tell me?

Boone and a woman survivor were swimming when a rip tide took them. They were tiring out and in danger of drowwning. Jack swam out to help and came upon Boone first. He brought him in and then went out to try for the woman but it was too late.

Which bring us another Q. Why didn’t anybody else try to save either one of them, perhaps using a seat cushion as a floatation device?

The show opens with Charlie waking Jack up with the news that someone is in the ocean, drowning. Jack swims out and rescues Boone, and as he is dragging him back to shore, looks out and sees yet another person even further out in the ocean, also drowning (Boone had attempted to save her and got caught in the riptide himself.) Apparently Jack is the only other person out of the group who knows how to swim, and he’s busy saving Boone, so there is nobody left to save the woman, and she drowns.

It was a previously-unknown woman (who we never actually see, except for a very-far-off shot of a woman flailing in the water) who was one of the survivors. She drowns, and someone offers up the information that her name was JoAnn (?) and she had been on a camping vacation, had gotten an ear infection, and had been sent home early. So, she wasn’t really supposed to be on the plane…

Or something like that. I forget the particulars.