Lost 1.4 "Walkabout"

It’s Wednesday – time for our weekly session with the castaways.

Burning questions!
Jack: How will you handle the fallout from the mercy killing?
Kate: Will everyone be as cool about your criminal past as Jack?
Locke: Will you snap before sweeps?
Charlie: Same question.
Sawyer: Now that you and Sayid seem to have reached a truce of sorts, will you stir up more shit?
Sayid: When do we learn whatever dirty secret you’re carrying around? “Republican Guard” doesn’t count. You’re too good to be true, buddy.
Michael: What happened that you were out of Walt’s life so long?
Walt: How will you react when something horrible inevitably happens to that damned dog?
Jin: Got any more sushi?

See you after the episode!


TPS reports!!!

I guess he won’t be in on Saturday to work on them, even though it’s not like a half-day or anything.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

John Locke? Destiny? Okay, Abrams. We get it.

This is the greatest show I’ve seen. This week. OK, within the last two seasons or so. Powerful stuff.

Just so I can be the first to post this joke:

"Mein Fuhrer! I can walk!

Well, it seems Jack isn’t dealing well with having the stress of command thrust upon him. I’m curious about his reaction to the memorial service when up until this point, he’s been on board with things that serve their little community.

Re: Locke, I guess that explains “He said a miracle happened.” Still, no fair being Lying McLiarpants and saying you didn’t get a look at the Thing. My guess: The Thing is what really killed the boar.

Where was Jin this episode? Sun seemed much more relaxed without him around. If he’s missing, does she know where he is? And speaking of relationships, I want to know more about Sayid’s sweetheart – or whoever that was in the pictures. I’m really feeling his frustration with the technocrap, too. Gotta admire the guy for not smacking Kate across the gob when she came back with that thing in pieces.

Poor Charlie. Strung out, desperate for attention and much shorter than all the pretty ladies. Still, fish! What’s behind all the animosity between Shannon and Boone? I squabble with my brother even now that we’re both adults, but my every move isn’t calculated to piss him off or prove a point.

So much emphasis on clean slates and new starts. They’re really driving that stuff home, even down to the falling anvil of Locke’s paralysis. What if they really did all die three (four) days ago?

This development with Locke really solidifies my thought that they are dealing with the supernatural here. Somehow I don’t think The Thing is a tractor. Although NOW we are left with the question of why it didn’t kill Locke. It killed the pilot, so why not Locke?

What do we really know about Locke’s condition? If he was paralyzed, what was doing with the EKG (or whatever it was) machine?

Everyone being dead (or having near death experiences) is a possibility (tho I hope it isn’t that cheesy)


I noticed the EKG machine thingy next to his bed too. Wonder what’s up with that.

After this episode, I’m leaning towards either the theory that they are all dead and in some sort of afterlife limbo or they are all pawns in some sort of “Most Dangerous Game” scenario.

Oh, and I also think it’s a possibility that the other half of the plane crash-landed on the other side of the island and the rest of the passengers are all alive and thinking that the other half are all dead.

Actually, I have no clue what is going on with this show. It’s throwing out too many curveballs to really figure out what’s what. Which is a very good thing–I can’t remember the last time I watched a show that kept me in real suspense and kept me guessing.

friend greywolf:

i agree. this is the attraction of the show.

After seeing tonights episode, my husband said he thinks they all died in the crash.

Me, I don’t know. I agree with longhair75 and Greywolf73 that the attraction to the show is not knowing.

Episode 1: Kate and Charlie get separated from Jake, who may or may not have seen The Thing. Kate returns to camp and says, “Jake didn’t make it.”

Episode 4: Kate and Michael get separated from Locke, who does see The Thing. Kate returns to camp and says, “Locke didn’t make it.”

Kate, who might be a murderer, is the constant in these two encounters, and she immediately assumes the worst both times. If The Thing is supernatural, is it a manifestation of her dark side? If so, what does it say about her that The Thing keeps sparing people?

Jake’s demon: I’m seeing an Alien 3 doctor scenario in which he killed somebody accidentally. The guy in the suit is the funeral director who buried the kid/wife he couldn’t save/killed. Hence Jake’s insistance that everyone on the island now has a “clean slate.”

I’m enjoying watching the story unfold without trying too hard to predict things. However, it does look as if each episode (for a while, anyway) is going to give us a different character’s back story. I think it’ll be Jake’s turn next, something to do with the man in the suit.

I’m so glad that I started watching this show last week!

I’m another one who isn’t really trying to figure stuff out, just enjoying watching the story unfold, so I totally did not expect Locke to have been unable to walk before the crash.

Yeah, I did a double-take when I heard that…then I laughed out loud. :slight_smile:

What are TPS reports?

And the doctor’s name is Jack. Not Jake.

Actually, in the mini-preview of clips of next week’s episode, he looks at the guy and says “Dad?”

Did you hear the Thing breathing while Locke was standing there frozen in front of it? I thought it sounded disappointingly like a T-rex out of Jurassic Park. But then, there’s something very very weird about Locke seeing the Thing and not getting killed. And then lying about it. Maybe Jack saw it too that first time and he’s also lying about it. Maybe it leaves you changed somehow after seeing it?

And I must say, the unfolding of Locke’s story was very well done. First he’s a mystery superspy getting orders on the phone, then he’s a loser who plays Risk at lunch and thinks the sex line lady is his girlfriend, then he’s going on a hunting trip, then he’s paralyzed, then he’s walking again, then he suddenly is a brave warrior/hunter who has a briefcase full of knives and drags a boar back to the beach. Wow.

Yeah, this is a show I’m completely hooked on. Unfortunately, none of my friends watch it. So I’ll be dropping in for the discussions here more often!

Okay, I’m on travel in Denver this week, so I just saw this for the first time. So I need to know a few things:

  1. Will I be able to watch this show and Smallville in the Eastern time zone without a TiVo?

  2. Why the hell did they burn the fuselage? Besides the horribly toxic fumes from burning all the wire insulation, the giant aluminum structure would make great shelter!

  3. Why is Kate so reckless with her own life and others’? When she was escorting the wounded man back to camp, she stops, knowing full well the boar was still out there, and climbs a tree? …and then doesn’t have the wits to hang on to the tech she’s carrying?

  4. Did anyone get a weird vibe when the Australian guide started talking about how special the walkabouts were?

Okay, and now for the “catch me up” questions:

  1. Where were they flying to and from when their plane crashed? What caused it?

  2. Is the mysterious guy in a suit and sneakers (hiding in the bushes) a new development this week, or have y’all been seeing him for a while now?

  3. When Jack told Kate “you know what’s in there,” she denied it, but I got the feeling that the “monster” was not a boar, and she did know it. Do we, the audience, know what lives in the jungle?

I just want to say that Terry O’Quinn is a fine actor.

Oh, and why didn’t Locke say that he saw The Giant Thing when it was quite apparent from his expression that he most certainly did?

Wild Boar: It’s What’s For Dinner!

Not to mention the fact that there are a number of things in the fuselage that it’s not likely that they’ve gotten round to salvaging yet (like wiring!). It would have been much better to get the bodies out and leave the cabin as intact as possible. Heck, even hinges and screws from the galley will be useful!

In weeks to come, I bet that they’ll be :smack: about the things that they burnt.

Sydney to LA. We don’t know what caused it; there was turbulence then an explosion and the plane split (cockpit and front are in the jungle, midsection on the beach, tail presumably(?) in the ocean).

He was a new development this week. Note, however, that only Jack has seen him. [Three chords: Dum Dum Dummm!]

The “monster” is apparently much bigger than a boar (it knocks down trees), and no, we haven’t seen it.

That was my pet theory.

And his first name is John, the same as the philosopher. I had a feeling when they showed Locke in the flashback right after the crash and he was watching his foot move, that he was likely paralyzed before the crash. I’ve been expecting something to justify the “miracle” he told the kid about. I don’t think he’s lying about the “thing in the woods”, I think there’s some other reason he’s not telling what he saw. He seemed more amazed than afraid when he saw it. Just like he isn’t telling everyone how he was cured. He may not know what to think of all this yet himself. He may be afraid that the “cure” will go away, as evidenced by the hesitation in getting back up when he got knocked down.

I was relieved to see him walk out of the jungle but I also agree that the “thing” may have been what killed the boar. I still think he’s the most interesting character so far, even knowing what we now know about him.

Jack - I don’t think he’s comfortable with the hero or leader role. He seems to be reluctant about being a doctor. Possibly he didn’t really want to be one but it was the “family business”.

Kate - She does seem rather quick to assume someone is dead, however she never returned to the crash site saying “Jack” was dead in the first episode. They found him alive before they returned to the crash site. She also didn’t seem too concerned about Michael’s injury since she never mentioned it to the only doctor after returning to camp.

Charlie - Poor Charlie. No one recognizes him and the cute chick just uses him for fish. Then again he just used Hurley for the fish. By the way, that looked like a parrot fish. There’s good eating on them things. And it was surprisingly hole-free after having been speared.
I am really enjoying this show. This is the only show I “must see”. I got a co-worker hooked on it, too. He hadn’t seen it yet, and I figured it would be the type of thing he’d like so I told him all about it. He searched out the first 3 episodes online and really liked it. He was just asking me earlier tonight, “so what time is that on again?”

Grace and I were without TV tonight. Is there any chance someone can provide a good summary of tonight’s episode for us, please? (Behind spoiler tags, obviously)