The Official "Lost" Questions Thread - Season 2

The secon season starts tonight, so I suppose it’s time to start this thread. I’ve reread the list of questions and I have a feeling the list will do a lot of changing fairly quickly. New answers. New mysteries. New clues.

Here’s the current list:

  1. Why did the plane lose radio contact?
  2. Why did the plane crash?
  3. How did a polar bear get on the island?
  4. What is the big monster?
  5. How has the FT been broadcasting for so long?
  6. Are Adam and Eve part of that same group mentioned in the FT?
  7. What’s the deal with the black and white rocks that were found with Adam and Eve?
  8. What did Kate do to put her in trouble with the law and make her so eager to run from everything? PARTIAL ANSWER
  9. What exactly was the nature of Locke’s paralysis?
  10. Why wasn’t Jack’s Dad in the coffin?
  11. Who killed the boar? Locke or the monster?
  12. What happened to the tail section of the plane?
  13. Did anyone other than those accounted for, including Rose’s husband, survive the crash?
  14. How did the 48 people (initially) survive the plane crash? Was it just luck?
  15. Did Locke actually see the monster? And if he did, why is he still alive?
  16. What cured Locke’s paralysis?
  17. Who are the “Others” that Danielle thinks control the transmission and make the whispering noise?
  18. Why did Danielle kill the other members of her team (or at least Robert)?
  19. Is Nadia dead or alive?
  20. What was the scientific mission of Danielle’s team and why did they need rifles?
  21. Was the psychic legitimate, and if so, what did he see in his vision?
  22. Who the HELL is Ethan?
  23. What does Ethan want with Claire?
  24. What is the significance of Claire’s baby?
  25. How did Hugo get the nickname “Hurley”?
  26. In what way is Hurley known as a warrior?
  27. What is the nature of Walt’s “special abilities”?
  28. What is the significance of the song “La Mer”?
  29. How come Locke’s compass no longer points north?
  30. How were Boone and Locke changed by their vision quests?
  31. What’s inside that hatch/where does the door lead?
  32. Who sealed it and why?
  33. Why does Claire have amnesia?
  34. How did Claire escape from Ethan?
  35. Why did the ocean level suddenly rise and flood the beach they were living on?
  36. Why was Jin hand-delivering watches for Sun’s dad?
  37. What do the numbers mean?
  38. Is Hurley (still) cursed?
  39. Why was Hurley in a mental institution?
  40. Who set up the original transmission?
  41. What happened to Jack’s marriage? PARTIAL ANSWER
  42. Who sent Kate the letter about her mom?
  43. Why did Kate’s mom freak out at the hospital?
  44. What is the significance of the black smoke?
  45. Was it The Others who took Walt?
  46. Why do they want with Walt?
  47. What became of Alex?
  48. What’s the deal with the transmission Boone heard?
  49. When did Claire and Danielle meet before - and why did Claire scratch her?
  50. How did The Black Rock (the ship) get so far inland.
  51. Was The Black Rock a slave/mining ship, or something else? And if it was, what explains the discrepency regarding the ship having dynamite earlier than it should?
  52. What were the keys that Brendon took, and why did he take them?
  53. How did Martin loose his arm?

Modifications to begin at 9:00 pm tonight. Discussion belongs in this thread with the Season 1 thread as reference.

So, let’s toss a couple new ones out there …

Was the man Sarah had the car accident with Shannon’s father?
How did Walt try to communicate with Shannon?
How did Desmond end up under the island?
What will the EXECUTE button do?
What did Desmond inject himself with?



Let me just say - - that was freaky with a capital “freak”. Loved it! :slight_smile:

I’ll be back to take care of things this afternoon. Feel free to toss out questions and answers until then.

Who or what was under quarantine?

Who wrote “I am sick” and “108” on the mural?

What does the computer do?

First of all, let’s plug in some answers:

  1. How come Locke’s compass no longer points north?
    ANSWERED: Because of a large underground piece of machinery (possibly a generator) that produces a strong magnetic field.

  2. What’s inside that hatch/where does the door lead?
    ANSWERED: The hatch leads to an underground bunker which contains living accommodations for at least one person as well as computers and other currently unidentified machinery. There’s a guy living in there too.

I’ll add information to both of these answers where apropriate.

All excellent questions. It looks like the answer is “yes” to the first one, but I’m willing to wait for confirmation. Thus we have:

  1. Was the man Sarah had the car accident with Shannon’s father?
  2. How did Walt try to communicate with Shannon?
  3. How did Desmond end up under the island?
  4. What will the EXECUTE button do?
  5. What did Desmond inject himself with
  6. What’s this about Vaarsuvius being married?

Oops. Never mind. Scratch that last one. I’m getting all my shockers mixed up. :wink:

That first one is a keeper.

  1. Who or what was under quarentine?

I think I’ll roll the question about the computer into number 57:

  1. What does the computer do - and specifically the EXECUTE button?

As for the mural, I’m not sure I see anything mysterious there. I’m going to assume that Underground Desmond did it, at least until I get some indication that someone else was in there beside him.

How about “Did Ethan used to sleep in that bottom bunk?” :slight_smile:

Just a tad too speculative for my tastes. You could plug plenty of names into that question. Just as an example:

Did Danielle used to sleep in that bottom bunk?

I am willing to entertain the question “Who slept on the bottom bunk?” if you think it’s important enough.

Well, it stands to reason that the place was made for more than one occupant if there are (at least) two bunks, but indeed, anybody could have slept there. Hell, he could have sleepovers with Jack’s father’s corpse, for all we know. Dump the question. :slight_smile:

Are you sure we should discount questions regarding the Number 108 so soon? There is a simple explanation (sum of the other Numbers), but why did it all of the sudden start appearing? And figuring so (potentially) prominently? Perhaps instead of “who,” the question should be “Why does the number 108 appear in the mural?”

I’m hoping it’s okay to ask a question that might have been answered in the first season. I watched all the eps, but only once, and I haven’t read all the Lost threads.

What happened to Jack’s wife? Where is she now? Is she still alive, back home?

That’s a very good question. He doesn’t wear a wedding band, for what that’s worth.

I am only (for the time being) discounting the question of who painted the mural. If you wish to frame a question regarding the significance of the number, feel free. It sure looks relevant.

It is most certainly okay to ask questions regarding last season.

We don’t know what happened to Jack’s wife yet. We only know that he was married and that he isn’t any more. There’s still info to be revealed about question 41.

For future reference, any questions that made it onto the list and were answered can be found in posts 255 and 288 of the Season 1 thread. Answers included, so they may be considered spoilers for the first season.

Ah. OK. Fair enough. Ahem … “[a] Why does the number 108 appear (along with the other “official” Numbers) in the Burning Death Hole mural? ** How does it relate to the other Numbers?” Of course we already know part of the answer to ** – it is the sum of the other 6 Numbers – but there has to be more to it than that, right? Right?

I think that should read, “Did Walt try and communicate with Shannon and if so, how?”

We’re not sure that it wasn’t Shannon hallucinating.

Along that lines, I propose

“Will Shannon clean herself up and get back to wearing a bikini?”

This quesiton is very important ot me.

Here’s a puzzler: Why did Jack wear his hair is such an ungodly horrible style back in the day? :confused:

4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108
Anyone see that yet? What significance is there to 108 other than the sum of the hatch numbers?

What is this supposed discrepency? Dynamite was invented in 1867 and its use became widespread very quickly. The Black Rock looks to date from the second half of the 19th Century, based on the shape of her stern, amongst other things. Unlikely to have been a slaver (at least on the final voyage) based on the presumed post-1867 date, though she does appear to be a merchant vessel designed more for speed than for large capacity. This assumes that the set designers have the first clue about sailing ships, which may well be an unwarranted assumption.

There was a long argument in one of the season 1 threads about this. I don’t recall the details, but I believe it was ultimately decided that there was a discrepancy.