Lost 2.2: "Adrift"

First, the thread rules:

Will Desmond shine light on the “Lost” mystery? What happened to Kate? How are the folks on the raft (or what’s left of it) faring? Will Walt speak again (backwards, of course)? As usual, more questions than answers!

From the on-screen guide regarding this episode:

”Adrift”: Their raft destroyed, Michael, Sawyer and Jin encounter another predator in the ocean. On land, the hatch doesn’t seem to be any safer.

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I’m sure Desmond will shine SOME light on SOME of the mysteries…at least I hope he will. I think thats a pretty interesting plot twist and I’m curious if he had anything to do with Jack’s future wifes recovery…either directly or via some predictive skills. Maybe something with the hand shake before he left? Gods know, but it should be interesting.

I don’t think anything really happened to Kate…my guess is she is just tied up or locked away or something.

I’m VERY curious whats going on at the raft…especially with Sawyer and the bullet wound in the open ocean with sharks about and only wreckage to cling too (if that).

The only thing I know for sure is…I can’t wait to see what happens next! I’m totally hooked. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be late as usual (seems like everyone gets to watch the show before I do), but I’ll be here eventually.

It’s killing me not knowing what’s up with the raft folks. And I’m worried for young Walt.

Where’s Walt-o?

The preview at the end of last week’s show promised we’d find out the fate of all the survivors (or at least all the ones with speaking roles) this week.

Busy recording an album with the Beatles-- all of them.

He’s in the red room dancing with a reverse talking midget.

I think I need to lay off the warm coffee creamer.
A Twin Peaks and a Simpsons reference in a thread about lost? I am a god.

Ha! I beat rockle to the thread!

This week ought to be good. I was dying to know about the people on the raft - what happened to them, and there was nothing last week.
Will we see Kate this week?

Did we ever see Vincent last week? Did Shannon find him?

Briefly before he ran off and she saw her vision of Wet Walt. Sayid agve chase but returned without him.

We’ll probably see Kae. We hear her calling out for Jack at the end of the last episode while JAck is staring at the keyboard so I guess she’s ok.

We saw Vincent, he led Shannon to Walt. I think that if there’s anyone we shouldn’t be worried about then it’s the dog :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think they’d turn away more fans if they had any harm coming to Vincent even more than harm coming to Walt or any of the other human cast members.

I cannot wait to see what’s happening! And whether:

there really are Lostaways from the tail section on another part of the island.

It’s interesting to read some of the responses from the pilot of Season 1:


While I’m giddy that there’s a new episode tonight, I’m angry that sucky UPN has decided to schedule Veronica Mars at the same slot. Way to kill a show.
And a good show at that. One of my top five running right now.
Ah well, maybe the mid season replacement will be good.

I’m TiVoing both *Lost * and Veronica Mars, and I can’t decide which one to watch first. This may lead to a big argument with my husband, who also likes both shows but slightly prefers Lost. I do wish UPN would move VM to a different night though.

Yeah, we went back and reviewed this towards the end of last season. Makes for some humerous reading!

In this weeks issue of EW, they mention that we have to wait until October 5th to hear the whole story on Desmond.

So they’ll just tease us a little bit tonight, or maybe not. If I recall last season they showed 1 or 2 previews with shots that were not on the next episode.


Yes, but he didn’t look like the same dog to me. Maybe it was just the shadows he was in…

I thought he looked different, too, but the lighting was not good.

Sorry … I’ve been busier than I ought to be in the “Amazing Race” thread. I stayed up to watch the 2hr premiere after I said I wasn’t going to stay up that late, and now I’m all discombobulated. But they were in an area I know really well! Thank Og it’s only an hour next week. Sheesh.

Annnnnyway … don’t worry, I’ll be watching “Lost” tonight with the wireless card enabled. My questions: What the hell is wrong with Vincent? He looked all goofy last week, and really evil and malevolent. What’s up with Walt? What’s up with the Rafters? Whose shoes were those in the hatch last week? Who’s going to be the hot young thing who finally replaces Boone (because Jack & Sawyer & Sayid & Jin are just NOT ENOUGH!)? And what is that smell? (Nah, just kidding about that last one - it’s ramen noodle soup.)

I’m all discombobulated, too. Damn those 2-hour premieres! I watched Law & Order:SVU but still haven’t had time for the wonderful goodness that is My Name Is Earl and The Office yet. Maybe after Lost. TAR was sooo good, though!