Lost 2.21: "?"

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What an intriguing episode title: “?” It clearly refers to the “?” at the center of the door diagram that Locke found, so are we to presume that we’ll learn something about that mystery?

Of course, everyone wants to know if Ana-Lucia and Libby are both dead, and how Michael is going to explain things to the Jack et al. Does he let Henry Gale go (and thus disprove my prediction about Locke helping him to escape)? And how is Hurley going to handle Libby being shot, dude?

Only 3 more episodes left (including this one)!

From the ABC “Lost” website:

“?” Mr. Eko enlists Locke to help find a secret location he believes houses answers to the island’s mysteries. Meanwhile, Jack and the other survivors struggle to cope with the horrific situation in the hatch.

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Door Map from Episode 2.17. A nicely cleaned up version of the diagram Locke saw while pinned under the lockdown doors. No spoilers.


Whose flashbacks do we get tonight?

Also, I thought this was worth sharing — in an interview with the NY Post, JJ Abrams says the ending to the current season is “the greatest finale I ever heard” (no spoilers in link). No pressure or anything. :slight_smile:

Eko, supposedly

I thought someone in last week’s thread mentioned Desmond.

As I mentioned in the TAR thread, Real Life intrudes tonight, and I’m going to miss that one and maybe this one. I should be home in time for Lost, but I have to cook for our Mom’s Brunch at work. Luckily I have a little TV in the kitchen, so I can keep on eye on the Losties while I cook.

So… I’m pretty sure Ana Lucia is dead. I think Libby will hang on long enough to tell someone that it was Michael that shot her and AL. Or maybe not - you know how these people are with the Not Telling.

Weren’t they referring to Libby being in an upcoming Desmond flashback? :confused:

I believe the finale will focus on Desmond. Tonight belongs to Eko

Here’s a link to the CTV preview. Beware, it may contain some spoilers.

Spoiler boxes unless you’re just making predictions, please.

I really wanna see how Michael is gonna handle the situation. Plus Locke and Eko (the two most intriguing characters, IMHO) interacting? Can’t wait.

BTW, I gotta stop reading you’s people’s spoilers before the episode airs. Last week, someone spoiled Michael’s plot to free Genry Hale. It was still kind of unexpected, but then I was like, “Oh. Right. That makes sense.” Instead of “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG WTF!!!111”

I have a business dinner tonight. I sure hope the VCR kicks off!

Ack! Tickets to a baseball game tonight. TiVO better come through or the wife will pitch a fit. So will I, for that matter.

I hope by now everyone’s S.O.P. for recording Lost is to set the end recording time a few minutes past the hour. Tonight’s episode runs 61 minutes.

Eko’s brother said “hello brother” just like Desmond.

Well, Libby is hanging on. Now Michael looks a bit worried…

Given that I had to tape last week’s episode, and I just watched it today, I got that first Holy Crap! reaction just an hour ago. Wonder if I’m going to get another one this hour.

You know, Jack’s dad keeps coming into other people’s stories in the flashbacks. Maybe Jacks’ dad is really still alive, and is “Him” – you know, the “Him” that the Others refer to all the time.

Who needs a Jesus stick when you can throw that sort of a head butt?

Locke isn’t having the best of luck, health-wise, these days.

There you are, Monstre. I was starting to worry!

I’m wondering whether Michael will sneak in and kill Libby while nobody’s watching, or whether she’ll manage to get her message out before she dies.

And I hope someone went to tell Hurley, so he can come and say goodbye.

Oh my GOD every hair on my body just stood straight up.

I won’t sleep tonight.

I was out of town last week, and I had to tape last week’s episode. Just watched it this evening, in time for tonight’s episode.

I’m going to have to rewind the tape later and frame advance through that sequence of rapid images at the start of Eko’s dream.


The tape of the autopsy. I have never heard screams like that.