Lost 2.22: "Three Minutes"

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After last week’s less than spectacular episode, do we get a really good one setting us up for the 2-hour Season Finale next week? Let’s hope so.

Eko and Locke found the “?” bunker, which is basically a monitoring station for the other bunkers. And while Locke becomes disillusioned with “the button”, Eko now sees it as a noble purpose. Libby implicates Michael in her shooting (sort of), although it’s unclear if anyone will figure out what she meant. The body count for the tailies is very high-- they went from 23 at the beginning to 2 now. Are we being set up for a big final confrontation between the Lostaways and The Others?

From the ABC “Lost” website:

“Three Minutes” A determined Michael convinces Jack and several castaways to help him rescue Walt from “The Others.” Meanwhile, Charlie struggles with Eko’s decision to discontinue building the church.

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Good news for next season (no spoilers):

I don’t think that’s good news. Why the hell do they think it’s “generous” to dish out a paltry half season, go away for however long the other show is, and “finish the season”. That’s manipulation, and pretty crappy scheduling. Why not just do a season like it’s supposed to be?

I mean, be DONE. :smack:

As I recall, the clock was ticking down as the episode ended. Locke and Eko were still on the way back, having found new faith in their Pavlovian behavior. The Hole-in-the-Wall gang were gathered around Libby, concerned with thoughts of their own mortality. And Michael looked like he had cheatin’ on his mind. Any guesses whether the button gets ignored, after all of that talk to the contrary last week?

I’m glad they’re doing it that way. The producers can pace the action to fit that schedule, and you get the show in decent chunks instead of fits and spurts.

The question is, how is a season supposed to be done. This season was actually fairly typical for network TV. Perhaps some longer breaks and slightly more fragmentation than most, but given 8 season and 23 episodes, this is generally how things go. And everyone complained.

A delayed season - like with 24 - has also been brought up, and there are people who don’t like that either.

I don’t think there’s any solution that’s going to please everybody. This one is aimed at giving us uninterrupted blocks of “Lost”. Even I don’t think it’s perfect, but I think it will allow the show to gain some narrative momentum durring those periods when it’s on.

Well, they didn’t say it was “generous”, so I don’t know why you put that in quotes. The way they were doing it is like it’s supposed to be-- or at least how it is usually done. This is better. But people are going to complain no matter what. I like it this way rather than all sorts of breaks during the season.

I think it’ll be fine, but that break from November (I’m assuming they’ll have eps throughout November sweeps) to February is going to be pretty rough. We’ll all be loving it once the second batch of episodes begins.

Actually, it won’t even be that different from this year. We had a break from November until two weeks into January. So really it’ll only be a couple more weeks. Well, again, this is assuming they show Lost through November. They’d be complete morons not to, but then network programmers haven’t always been the smartest bunch. I’m looking your way, FOX.

They lose no matter what they do. There are going to be viewers who find other things to do during the break, and who won’t come back in February. There are viewers who give up when faced with so many reruns. The only logical solution, therefore, is to extend the season to 44 episodes!

Huzzah! I second your brilliant idea!

Better yet - 52 episodes! :smiley:

[sub]and maybe a Christmas Special! :eek:[/sub]

Well, if we consider how the lean-and-mean 13-episode first season of Battlestar Galactica was followed by the flabby-and-occasionally-frustrating 20-episode second season, I think we may want to pause a moment. I mean, they’d have to pad it out quite a bit, wouldn’t they? It might be necessary to devote entire episodes to, say, Kate and Sun giving each other sponge baths in the lagoon, while… uh…


I’d much rather see Jin and Sayid in the lagoon. Not giving each other sponge baths, mind you, just shirtless and sweaty.
Pantless would be good, too, but I guess this is the family hour.

Trading Spaces did something like that, on TLC. The recappers at TWoP cried Uncle and stopped recapping.

They have to save up the new episodes for sweeps, November and May. There’s eight episodes right there, a third of the season. You don’t want to schedule opposite strong shows on other networks, like the Superbowl or the Olympics. Everyone wants a break around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think ABC is trying this as a scheduling experiment. We’ll see how it goes.

Eko is just freakily insightful, ain’t he?

I just don’t get this. Kate is digging the graves and all those other people didn’t even know they were dead yet?

I know these people don’t like to talk, but :confused:

Henry Gale called it-- Trust issues, dude.

Confirmed! She’s Alex!