Lost 5.3 "Jughead"

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The producers have said they are picking up the narrative pace and answering questions now.

From the ABC Press Release: Desmond goes in search of a woman who could be the key to helping Faraday stop the island’s erratic movements through time, and Locke discovers the identity of the unknown forces who have been attacking the survivors

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When are the island folk? Who are those people who grabbed Juliette and Sawyer? How is Ben gonna get Hugo out of jail? Betty or Veronica?

And … What about Naomi?

Oh, wait. She’s dead. Never mind.

Appears to be a dead linky. :frowning:

Thanks. I cut it. Next time we meet, I won’t know you.

Is it Wednesday already? I’m stoked about tonight’s episode.

Herc from AICN has some info. Spoilers, especialy in the inviso-text™


Interesting. :wink:

If the first eight minutes or so are any indication, this one should be very promising.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on…and I love it!

No, no! don’t separate Des and Penny!!!

Maybe all these children are the key to whole mystery.

I’m loving this episode.

Others 101!

Let’s go rescue the geek!

Whoa, now there was a good reveal. Charles Widmore, former member of the Other Youth!

And if Faraday’s mom is in LA, then it’s looking more likely that folks’ guesses about his mom are correct – that she’s the Time Lord Jewelry Vendor we saw back in a previous Desmond flashback/jump-around episode (season 3), and last week working with Ben.

Well, I’d guess that the reason Widmore is nervous is that he certainly doesn’t want Desmond to take Penny with him in his search for Faraday’s mother – because he knows she’s working with Ben now. And of course, Ben has sworn to kill Widmore’s daughter (in revenge for Alex).

And now, that’s exactly where Penny is headed – with Desmond to L.A. Better hope Ben’s not around when they get there.

So… yeah. I’m still completely puzzled, as I’m sure most are, but it was a very entertaining episode. It seems more and more like the key to a good episode of Lost is a lot of Desmond.

The Charles Widmore thing was really cool and unexpected. I initially thought that the conflict between him and Ben could be a childhood rivalry between the two, in which they compete to be heir to The Other’s throne. That doesn’t make much sense, though, since Widmore looks like he’s 20 there, and it’s two years before Locke was born–I don’t think they’ve ever revealed Ben’s age, but I’d imagine he’s at least ten years younger than Locke, which would make him about 30 years younger than Widmore.

Who knows? It’s too much to process right now. Still, good episode, and I’m looking forward to what others (I’ll clarify: other Dopers) thought about it.

Ten bucks says the other chick who took Daniel to the bomb is his mother/the time lady.

Well, Ben didn’t show up until DHARMA arrived, which was about 20ish years later.

Also, is anyone having a problem where the video keeps speeding up and slowing down for a second or two at a time? The sound is staying the same. It’s only happening during LOST, but I can’t tell is it’s my station or everyone’s.

So who was the woman Desmond visited? I missed it.

Glad we have an Island / Widmore connection now. Course it opens up questions like why did he leave.

Any siginificance that Charlotte is a feminine form of “Charles”?


Best part of the episode is when we found out Desmond’s baby’s name is Charlie.