LOST 1-21-09 "Because You Left"/"The Lie"

OK, Lost fans. Seasn 5 begins tonight and I’m used to seeing a thread by now. So here it is.

I myself have no idea what to expect. I don’t even know who the episode focuses on, or even if they do that any more. But I’ll be planted in front of my TV at 9:00pm.

If any of you have the Season 4 DVDs I urge you to check out “The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy of Lies”. Best DVD special feature ever.

Good Gravy. I thought the season hiatus would never end.

Pumped as ever… let’s get the show back on the road.

Is vincent going to be back?

Man, that dog is getting old!

Because of the long hiatus between seasons, the 60+ hours of episodes, the massive cast including extras, the past/present/future story telling, and the evertwisting plot,
my biggest fear is that I’m going to get LOST in this whole thing as answers start being revealed. I don’t remember what happened over 3 years ago in a season one flashback in Australia.
Someday (maybe after I retire in 25 years) I may have time to rewatch the entire series. Until then I hope they don’t bury me in names/faces/places/events that I have long forgotten.

What is the Lost episode airing immediately before? Is it a repeat of last Wednesday’s recap?

At 8:00 they are showing “Lost: Destiny Calls”, one of those catch-you-up shows. Helpful for some, but as I finished watching the season 4 DVDs just last week, I won’t be tuning in. Besides, that’s the Littlest Trion’s bedtime.

Im in a slightly unique position- after seeing all the hype for the season 5 premiere, I don’t rent dvd’s, and I have friends into the show insisting I need to watch from the beginning. So I’ve avoided everything Lost for years now, and discovered last week that I could watch full episodes on the ABC website. So I watched them. All of them. I am exhausted and highly sympathetic to all you who have had to wait weeks at a time to get each new episode. One thing I noted, it seems most people diss season 2, and much of season 3, but watching rapid fire like I did, I never noticed any quality difference. Every episode made me want to watch the next as much as any other. Now, I hope people feel bad for me because I had to wait 2 days to see what happens next,

Very exciting. I wasn’t as in love with last season as a lot of people were, but I have a feeling that without the writer’s strike this year, this one is going to be very, very good.

I’m very excited. My girlfriend and I are even throwing a Lost party, complete with Dharma beer (bud light with dharma labels on the can), roast boar (BBQ pulled pork), Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack chicken (popeyes, again with a label on the outside), etc. Should be a blast.


That’s why I’ve given up. I’m tired of the meandering plots, the intriguing mysteries that are forgotten unsolved by the wayside, the twists that seem to advance the story until the writers tire of it and jump to something else. I can’t do this anymore.

I’ll probably keep my ear out for when they finally Explain Everything Once and For All but until then, I’m out.

Ok, so airing right now is just a “remember all the weird stuff that’s happened so far?” thingy? Does the actual episode start at 9?


This hiatus seemed to last for years.

We finally get that guys real name!

Ben really does get the best lines, doesn’t he? “That’s the spirit”

what’s the spoiler policy here? No spoilers till it’s done airing?

“If fyou ate more comfort food maybe you wouldn’t go around killing people” - of course Hurley has good lines too

And that, my friends is why you always put the knives handle side up in the dishwasher

“What goes around comes around” - I liked that too

But why does Richard wear guyliner??