Lost 4.03: "The Economist"

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We now have 4 new visitors to The Island, and they haven’t come to rescue the Lostaways, the’ve come for Ben. Whether that means to kill him or help him, we don’t know. Meanwhile, Jack seems to have grown a spine and is actually taking charge… until he sees the chopper-- then he looks like he’ll fall back to being the stupid, trusting Jack that got them into so much trouble of the past few months.

Meanwhile, Locke is holding CS Lewis. Will he get more instructions from taller Waaaaaalt!? Some of us seem to think the Lewis is in cahoots with Ben. Maybe. Anyone want to bet that we won’t find out in this episode? :slight_smile:

From the preview on Lostpedia for this episode:

** “The Economist” **: Locke’s hostage may be the key to getting off the island, so Sayid and Kate go in search of their fellow castaway in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful deal.

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In the TV promos, it’s said that

one person will be leaving the island, and that this person is one of the Oceanic Six.

I hope this isn’t considered a hijack, but I have a question: a lot of people–including the guy in the link “The Lost Report”–claim that last week’s cow sighting was the first; however, didn’t we see a cow last season, at the hatch with the sattelite dish?

Yes, Mikhail had at least 1 cow, maybe 2. The guy who writes “The Lost Report” is pretty damn good, but he gets a few things wrong once in awhile.

I hope this episode is on par with last week’s. I can’t wait. Also, Ben is becoming one of my favorite characters. The actor is perfect for the part!

Looks like the long-rumored Alan Greenspan appearance has finally come to pass!

Glad to see he’s keeping busy.

Tonight: One of the survivors of Flight 815 is attacked by an invisible hand. Meanwhile, the Ocianic 6 try to get off the island only to find that a rising tide lifts all boats.

You guys are funny. I was actually thinking of the British news/business periodical of that name. But who knows?

I, too, hope the writers carry forward with the momentum from last week. I thought that episode was very good-- it should’ve been the season premier.

4 more hours…tick tock tick tock…Damn I’m bored at work. Tonight is going to be a slow night. GF works all day so no romantic dinner or anything, plus, I have no beer at home to help me enjoy the show.

It comes on at 9. That would be 5 hours for you (in FL), no? I’ve got 8 hours to go…

[counting on fingers]

5:00 to 6:00[sup]1 hour[/sup]…7:00[sup]2 hours[/sup]…8:00[sup]3 hours [/sup]…9:00[sup]4 hours[/sup]. Ah! Ah!
4 hours. I think. I’ve been hung over all day and can’t wait to get home an veg out.

I was just trying to con you. :wink:

Turns out I may miss it anyway. I’ve been invited to trivia at the local ale house with promise of free beer. No DVR, so I’ll have to wait for it to be up on on ABC’s website or bittorrent to catch it. It’s hard, no - impossible, to turn down free beer.

If the current trend continues, you’ll be able to watch it next Thursday at 8.

Please refresh my memory: Who exactly did Desmond see getting into a chopper? Just Claire and baby?

Yes. Both of them, but only them. Not sure if we saw it, or he just told Charlie about it.

Well, there’s one debate answered. Did anybody catch the name of the guy that

Sayid shot?

So is Sayid a straight out hit man, or is he looking for people specifically involved with the island and Oceanic 815? That dude freaked and tried to leave when he heard that Sayid was involved.

Hurley: “Oh great. The boat sent us another Sawyer…”


I know that I tend to say this at the end of every Lost episode, but HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT.