Lost 4.02: "Confirmed Dead"

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OK, Naomi is dead, the Lostaways have split (once again) into two groups-- some going with Locke and some staying with Jack. A guy from Naomi’s ship has parachuted onto The Island and found Jack. Now Jack has figure out if he made the right decision. We might see a big “oops” in this episode.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the writers are going to drag the process out of telling us who gets off The Island and how. In fact, I wonder if we’ll even find that out before we run out of episodes in March.

From the preview on Lostpedia for this episode:

** “Confirmed Dead” **: The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island.

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There’s still an awful lot of the DHARMA stuff that has not been explored or really addressed yet, as well.

But I guess that’s what the rest of the season is for.

DHARMA? DHARMA’s a red herring. They’re a bunch of hapless hippies who stubled upon the Island, set up some researc stations and were slaughtered by the Others. They’re not major players in the LOST game, and a dead end as far as the real secrets go.

It’s the Others I want to know more about - Vicious killers or avid book club members?

(Oh and I think it would be great if it were Sawyer’s son Kate had to get back to when she met up with Jack at the airport. just saying.)

Yeah I watched that pre-episode-one episode and they very blatantly leave out a ton of the DHARMA stuff in the recaps.

Seems to me that they added extra DHARMA stuff as filler when the writers weren’t sure how long the series would be, and now the Powers That Be have decided to ignore it.

Sucks, too, because a lot of the online games revolved around DHARMA.

Do we have a preview of who will be the star of the flash forwards this week?

In regards to the DHARMA thing; I wonder if that was put off to the (as yet unfinished) second half of the season, or falls somewhere further in the story arc. That is, assuming they really, actually do have a story plan.

Shit! I have GOT to get TiVo! I had basketball games last night, re-scheduled class tonight, games tomorrow night – I’ve lost track of what night it’s on!

Dude, ABC posts the episodes on their website they next day or so. That’s the ONLY reason I’m missing it tonight for trivia. That, and the beautiful little blond who will be joining me. :smiley:

See, that’s why I pointedly avoided all online content. Didn’t want to contaminate my thought process.

I thought it was flashbacks and its the “island newcomers” we get to see a bit of the past about.

Regarding the spoilered preview:

[spoiler] “The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island.”

Emphasis on “begin to question.” The survivors will finish questioning the rescuers’ intentions in about three episodes, and in the remaining four episodes we will incrementally find out what the Boat Others’ real intentions are.[/spoiler]

I’m usually not one to pop in and shit all over Lost, but last week’s premiere pissed me right off. Remember between seasons one and two, when we were all wondering what was in the hatch? Then in season two’s premiere we immediately found out what was in there, like in the first two minutes? That’s what I wanted last week. Instead, we got 60 minutes of waiting for Corporal Upham to show up and “The Oceanic Six” revelation. Come on. I have no problems with their drag-shit-out writing in the middle of a season, but I waited eight months for that episode. You gotta give me something.

OK. Rant over.

Obviously the boat people are up to something. I think they’ll probably rescue the Six at the end of this season. Next season will be split between the Six’s time off the island and the remaining survivors’ adventures, and the last season will wrap it all up neatly. There are three season left, including this one, right?

John! Shit dude!I’d probably be dead if I still had a kidney there :smiley:

Anyone notice that Sawyer is lookin to Hurley in the group for answers, and not John?

I don’t know Miles. How stupid are you?!

Wasn’t there a Michael J. Fox movie about some guy who could talk to dead people who ran scams “cleansing” haunted houses with a vacuum cleaner?

I’m a little jacked up on cold medicine, so this week’s Lost seems even more surreal than usual. Is that Daniel guy wearing a tie on his jungle mission?

When is it on? :confused: :confused:

Nevermind, I see it is on at 9, after a damn Lost re-run.

Is that confirmed? :confused:

I’ll be Dr. JJ and call it.

  1. She had a dramatic death scene (her last one she just poof- died!)
  2. She was left somewhere alone and stayed there.
  3. The Ghostbuster talked to her and got some info that only dead Naomi could tell. Then he called her “meat.”

She seems too important (to the boat people) to not have jumped up all alive by now.

I thought I saw Fisher Stevens’ name in the credits. Waited all dang episode for him to show up and he never did. Then i wondered if he was the pilot, Frank, but that dude looked to fat, like an old Jeff Fahey. IMDB says it’s Jeff Fahey. :slight_smile:

And Locke’s line made the episode.

You mean the line when he asked Ben “what is the black smoke?” It was a BRILLIANT line, completely out of character for anyone on Lost! :smiley: