Lost 5.9 "Namaste"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

Sawyer is forced to perpetuate his lie when some old friends drop in unannounced.

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Well, everybody’s finally back on the island. Except for Desmond. And Walt. And Aaron. And they aren’t all back together yet. Expect more Dharma stuff and more scrambling from Sawyer.


How long before Jack says he doesn’t believe any of this is happening?

It’s interesting to see Sawyer calling the shots now, at least. It’s a change from Jack and Locke. All three of the guys seem to have large enough egos to be leaders but Sawyer’s methods always seem to be different, which I like.

Don’t ask. It’s complicated.


I missed the first 3 minutes. What happened before Lapidus was talking to people inside the aircraft?

That kid has the Ben face down perfectly.

Wow another great episode. am off to run an errand but am looking forward to feedback here.

So, Kate and Sawyer really were building a runway back when they were on the Other’s chain gang.

I like Jack’s new laid back, see-what-happens attitude. Some of the old sarcasm and aggression keeps peeking through, but you can see him pushing it back down.

Not as much going on in this ep as the ones before. But still a few new questions raised:

What kind of a journey will Sun (and Frank too?) have to take? More Donkey Wheels?

How long will the crew be stuck in '77? Do they get to see feature films, and if so, Star Wars? (Lindelof just has to work that in somehow)

Is Daniel working on getting them back to the present? Didn’t Sawyer saw something about Daniel not really being “with them” anymore? What did that mean?

Well, it seems like the island has gotten really screwed up in the last three years. I’m thinking that bringing everyone back has less to do with saving the people who were left behind and more to do with saving the island/the others.

Did you guys notice The Muppet Show playing on one of the monitors in the monitoring station? :smiley:

This episode was kind of lame, but it does set up a lot of stuff for the rest of the season.

And of course the best line was Sun’s “I lied”…hehehe

As others have said, this episode was kind of weak, but I think I understand that it had to be a slower, transition episode. Sort of like when Kate and Jack got back to their camp in season 3, after they had been kidnapped by the others: it just got everyone in place and reacquainted and everything.

The thing with Ben meeting Sayid at the end is sort of interesting. It was justified by many that Rousseau wouldn’t remember meeting Jin (it was Jin, right?) 16 years after she met him earlier this season, because she ended up being crazy and spending all those years on the island in solitude. You’d think that Ben would have a clearer memory of having met the Iraqi guy …

Who’s to say he doesn’t remember him?

I didn’t say he didn’t. I was saying only that he should have, especially when Sayid was interrogating him when he thought Ben was Henry Gale.

Yeah. I think he does.

Loved when Sun whacked Ben.
I didn’t mind a slower episode. Loved how Sawyer was being the thoughtful leader.
I thought we were supposed to find out what happened to Aaron though.
and how are Desmond and Penny gonna get back in the plot? Will Desmond somehow help Sun on her journey?

I thought it was interesting that at that point in time, the Swan Station was just under the planning stages. Especially since it seems that the war is imminent.

In fact, the geodesic dome he was building, I think was the same model as the one shown in the Swan Orientation Film. Kinda cool.

It’ll be neat if we get to revisit The Swan again. I miss that station. And I miss Defcon Penguin.