Lost 5.9 "Namaste"

Little Ben looks looks like evil Harry Potter.

I’m not a pilot, but it seemed to me they got the details of the Lapidus and the ill-fated Red Shirt Pilot working together as they tried to bring the plane under control down well.

So, what happened to Faraday in those intervening three years? Hmmmm…(did he spin the donkey wheel…go nuts…wander into the sonic fence while he was too busy thinking…)

Ethan must get kidnapped by The Others like the kids from Season 1…speaking of which…are we ever going to see them again?

I believe that’s supposed to be in an episode called “What Happened, Happened” which is next week or the week after that.

The Kate episode is coming up in

two weeks.

I think it’s interesting that it’s implied that Ethan must have been baby-napped by the Others, and then he grows up to be chief baby-napper himself.

Ben must remember a childhood that didn’t include the survivors, and at the same time remember one that did include them. They both happened and they’re both equally valid. It must drive him nuts.

I am enjoying Saywer’s more thoughtful approach to leadership. He does seem to be a better leader than Jack, but still with a hint of his classic assholery, reminding Jack what a sucky leader he was.

How so? According to Faraday (and we have no reason not to believe him, plus it makes sense), whatever happened has always happened. Ben would always have met Sayid when he was a kid, because the survivors will always have traveled back through time to that point. Just like there would be no way for Sawyer to stop the Purge, because it already happened.

Well… Hmm… It seems like they would need to have a “virginal” past to beam themselves back in to. If Ben remembers them from his childhood even before stepping aboard the plane, that means the time traveling survivors had already made their journey to the past, and therefore no need to go back again.

Maybe I need a wooden key to quiet these voices (Gunslinger reference).

With the picture, did anyone else get a “you’ve always been on the island” kind of vibe?

Next episode: a brief shot, through a doorway, of a man in a bear suit blowing Locke.

I don’t think Ben’s goal was to get the survivors on the plane to journey into the past. I think Ben’s goal was to get himself back to the island. Other people are irrelevant, in his eyes.

I was wondering how they would get Lapidus and Sun heading off in the boat together, without Ben. I thought at first that maybe Frank would end up clocking him (and remember, a couple weeks ago he was in the “injured” room, when New Guy showed him to Locke). But Sun whacking him with the oar was so much better.

“I thought you trusted him.”
“I lied.”


And I presume at some point in the near future, we will have Lapidus and Sun taking the outrigger to the beach with their previous camp…? – because our time-jumpers found that boat with the Ajira water bottle on the beach instead of their Zodiac, and the camp pretty much destroyed, several episodes back.

Yeah, definitely “inspired” by Kubrick’s The Shining.

Well somebody had the Others build that runway that Frank landed on last night. So it looks like someone high up knows a whole lot. But that could be Jackob/Christian.

Ben having a lot of information from his childhood might cover it. And I haven’t completely abandoned my spacetime tube theory from last week. Yet.

Yeah–but how’d he get the weird freaky-colored eyes? Contacts?
I was honestly a bit disappointed in this ep. I was hoping to get more on the Dharma Initiative actual…Initiative. What they’re doing. What’re they up to? Who’s funding them? Why? and not so much of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer stuff.

I DID love the Sawyer/Jack interaction. The “you react. I think” bit. Problem is, I like it 'cause I hate Jack. I don’t think the writers agree with me and I suspect they’re setting Sawyer up for a fall.

Whoever is choosing the music for these episodes is apparently my soul-brother. From the moment that Hurley threw the CD player away, every bit of music the characters have heard rocks–from “Make Your Own Kind of Music” in the Hatch to Locke’s mommy dancing to Buddy Holly’s “Every Day”—someone is picking my favorite songs.

Concerning Daniel, we know he ends up on The Orchid Station mining team, from that brief glimpse we got when they first started time traveling. Maybe that’s what Sawyer meant? He’s trying to help Dharma reach the FDW, so they can go Back to the Future?

I was wondering how they would handle Ben meeting young Ben, but am I correct that it would not happen since since Ben (and Sun) are in the current timeframe ?
Also then, that’s why they wont find a plane - the plane is in 2009, and Jack, Kate and Hurley got plucked off to 1977 somehow.
I think.
Time travel is confusing.

An unrelated thought:

Remember when the therapist lady told Juliette “No wonder Ben likes you. You look just like her.” (Or words to that effect.) I think we now know who that “her” is.

A small detail – sometime along his walk with Sun, Ben casually took off the sling he had on (which I believe he had on when he got on the plane, apparently injured in some kind of altercation that hasn’t been explained to us yet). At first I thought this was some kind of male bravado “this thing is slowing me down” kind of thing. On second thought, I wonder – did the island heal him of his injuries he had before he crashed, just as it did Locke?

Good thought–if it did, then whatever Ben’s up to is what the Island “wants”–remember the island can take away healing if you work in opposition to it.

Was the Asian guy who checked Jack in Marvin Candle/Edgar Haliwax? He looked somewhat heavier, but the voice was identical.

Don’t these memories change as people in the past alter the past?
Remember Desmond had no memory of talking to Faraday until Faraday actually talked to him in the past. Then suddenly (in present time) the memory just manifested in Desmonds head.
I wonder if Ben will have this instantaneous “new” memory of Sayid.