Lost 3.4: Every Man for Himself

So, Locke is going to try and rescue the captives, and it looks like The Others are going to get medieval on Sawyer tonight. Maybe we have some Sawyer backstory, too? Duuuuuuude!!!

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From the ABC “Lost” website:

** Every Man for Himself** Sawyer finds out how serious his captors are in making sure he and Kate don’t attempt to escape.

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Does anyone know at what time the video of tonight’s episode becomes available for viewing on abc.com? I’m working the overnight shift tonight and would love to catch it at 3am if it’s possible!

Looks like it’s going to be a really intense episode. I hope the previews aren’t misleading us, and we actually do get some answers this time.

I checke the ABC web site, and it didn’t say.

Wow, 90 minutes to tee time, and no comments about the show. Are we losing interest? Oh ye of little faith! :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s playing early on a different channel here, so I won’t miss it after all!

No … but if I think about it too much before it comes on, my head might explode.

Or implode.

Go time, east coasters!

Jack’s watching cartoons under duress. heh

Bad timing for Juliet.
Julie: “I don’t answer to Ben. We make decisions together.”
Ben: “Juliet! Come! Heel!”

Sawyer’s pushing buttons. hahaha – “What do I have to do, talk about your mother?”

Oh yeah, that’s right. Benry’s listening in on everything Sawyer and Kate say. So much for the grand plan.

Wow, Sayid’s whipping boy (Benry) actually can fight.

That’s a big ass needle…

Hard to comment on something I haven’t seen.

Here’s my prediction though. The Others will do evil, mysterious, unexplainable things. The Losties will sit around, not the least bit curious about their circumstances or making any effort to change them. Insterspersed with meaningless, time-wasting flashbacks.

Sawyer is stupid. Dumb dumb dumb. And the rest of the Losties are frickin morons. Why?

Because what kind of idiot thinks a little bitty scab without a scar is enough to install a pacemaker? And because those idiots, despite being on a fricking sailboat, still don’t realize there are two islands!!!

Benry killed da wabbit!

And Ben says, “We’re the good guys, Michael.”

Everything I’ve seen still says Ben’s a total dick.

Mmmmm… topless Kate. and it’s going to make Sawyer’s heart explode.

So how’s he supposed to keep it a secret from Kate if the little watch/monitor is beeping constantly?


…okay, Lost has lost me. What was the point of that little outburst?

They put a pacemaker in without a surgeon, eh?

Damn, what was that all about? Pickett flipping out of course because his wife ate it, but what was the whole “Do you love him?” about? Was he going to kill Sawyer unless Kate loved him?

Sawyer’s going to need a couple more fish biscuits to get his strength back.

Flashback-Sawyer’s pulling the con on the fellow prisoner. Wonder if Sawyer’s actually in cahoots with the warden?

Now Benry’s going to have to force feed Kate lots of carbs and sweets, fatten her up so she can’t get through the cage again.

Benry: “Now Meester Sawyer, you vill tell me what I vant to know, or I will kill zis cute little bunny wabbit! Muhahahah!”

He could just feed her the rabbits…

Innnnnnnnnnteresting. Jack’s there because they need a spinal surgeon?

So instead of going to a doc’s office, they just abducted one. Maybe their insurance lapsed.

Nice to know Desmond can still see the future.