Lost 3.2: The Glass Ballerina

Jack: Where am I?
Juliet: In The Village.
Jack: Who are you?
Juliet: I am Number 2.
Jack: Who is Number 1?
Juliet: You are Number 6…

That’s a reference to “The Prisoner”, for those not familiar with the 1960s British TV drama. As expected, this week’s show will shift focus back to the Lostaways, so I wonder if we’ll find out about Kate’s “Hell Week”… or should that be “Hell Two Weeks”? Anyway, it’ll be good to find out what happened in The Hatch and who is still alive. And with the magnet presumably destroyed, will Locke and Rose revert to their pre-crash selves?

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The Glass Ballerina Sayid places Sun and Jin’s lives in danger while trying to locate Jack, while Jack gets a tempting offer from his captors.

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Jack: No, no. Number 6 is a tall blonde robot woman. Crossovers are the one indignity we cannot be asked to bear.

Or, shall we say, Number 6 is many tall blonde robot women.

Just what we need on “Lost”-- more blonde women to get confused about! :slight_smile: We’ve got enough of those already. I had the same problem some people brought up last time-- telling Penny, Jack’s wife, and Juliet apart.

Well, we have another She-Other now. Connie, I think he called her?

“You never made soup for me…”
Does this mean that Benry and Juliet were once an item? Or perhaps that Benry was Juliet’s prisoner once, before he got Other-fied?

Oooooh, Sun did hook up with Baldy? Or does this mean she stopped before going the distance? She swore to Jin last season that the baby was his…

That was great.

Kate: “Do I have to work in this dress?”
Jerk: “Well, that’s up to you. You can take it off if you want.”

then Sawyer looking at her like “hey, that’s kind of a good idea…”
Kate’s look…

Sawyer, to Jerk: “How dare you!”


Funny thing is that was the second pearl necklace Baldy gave Sun.

I’m so sorry.

This episode seems to be extra soap opery. The “Did I interrupt something” line was bad enough. Now we’ve got knowing look after knowing look.

and he gave her a pearl necklace!


Nice… :smiley:

Another good exchange:
Sun: “But you said this dock was abandoned, unused for months!”
Sayid: “That would be part of the lying you mentioned…”

Heh – Sawyer pulling the same acts of defiance on Juliet that Jack does. Pouring out the water…

Ambushing the ambushers – going straight for the boat, not the fire. If I were Sun, getting the gun out from the tarp would have been my first move upon getting back to the boat. Not waiting until I heard creepy noises.

I loved the pudgy guy and his kung fu pose. Black belt nothin’. Dough boy got a sansa belt.

Baldy thinks he knows about him and Sun.

Was almost seeing Baldy in the woods:
“Look in your heart… Look into your heart! I can’t die… out here in the woods, like a dumb animal.”

Connie: “Despite what you think, we are not the enemy.”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. They still think they are the good guys, apparently. And Ethan set the standard for the good guys’ behavior. Killing Scott or Steve, because he wanted Claire back in custody.

Smart move guys! Leaving your only real means off the island all by its lonesome. Ugh.

Oooh, just had a thought. I bet they will rush ShotConnie back to Jack for healing. They’ll have to offer him some info or concessions or something… something better than soup and sandwiches with toothpicks, to get his cooperation.

That boat’s going to have to go alot faster if it’s going to jump the shark properly.

Nice… Sawyer starting the fight to check out the skills of the Others guarding him. Sweet.

“You taste like fish biscuits.” :smiley:

Sweet – the Red Sox! hahahaha! Jack not buying it. HAHAHAHAHA

“Dude. The hatch blew off your underwear.”

No fair giving us the good Hurley line in the preview.

I liked how Ben knew which part Jack wouldn’t believe. :smiley:

Well, in Jack’s defense, it’s been two years, and I hardly believe it myself.

I was just thinking that, too. How he set up the video with the Red Sox game. Not the reelection of George W. Bush or any other recent events mentioned. But the Red Sox. HA!

Also… I wonder if Connie is toast. Where did she take that shot? The stomach? Do the Others have doctors, or will they need Jack’s help?

It appears that while Connie knew a lot about Sun, she didn’t know the one most important detail. She’s advancing on a mother protecting her unborn cub. NOT a smart move.