Lost 3.22 "Through the Looking Glass" (SPOILERS)

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OK, folks, this is it. The 2 hour season 3 finale (starts 1 hour earlier than usual) and the last episode until Feb ’08. Jack has worked with CFL to set dynamite traps in the women’s tents to blow up The Others when they raid the camp. Charlie swam into The Looking Glass Station to try and disable the jamming signal so Sayid can contact Naomi’s ship (80 miles offshore). He didn’t expect two women to be there, and they’re holding him at rifle point. We learned that The Others aren’t the original Dharma folks (except for Ben and maybe a few others, no pun intended). Rather, they were “The Hostiles” and were on The Island before the Dharma folks arrived.

Interestingly, Kelvin mentioned The Hostiles to Desmond during the years they spent in the Swan Station— was he using that term in the same sense?

I don’t expect any big reveals in this episode, but there will be a cliff hanger which (according to the previews) has our Lostaways captured by The Others (again).

I’ve been thinking for some time that the writers are doing a sort of reverse peel the onion on the plot, telling us about more and more groups on The Island each season. We had hints of The Others in season 1, learned about Desmond, Kelvin and a few of The Others in season 2 (although we didn’t know who The Others really were), and this season we learn that there was another group of Others (The Hostiles) who predated the Dharma folks. I’m guessing that season 4 will open with (no real spoilers here, just my own speculation):

A scene in Richard’s camp with someone we’ve never seen before, at a time about when Richard first meets young Ben or about the time he and Ben set their plot in motion to kill the Dharma folks. This will parallel the season openers in The Hatch (season 2) and in Otherville (season 3).

From the preview on Lostpedia for this episode:

** Through the Looking Glass ** Jack and the castaways begin their efforts to make contact with Naomi’s rescue ship.

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Yay! John Mace starts it early this time! I’m stoked for the finale. After tonight, no Lost until 2008!

Will Charlie live?
Will Charlie die?
Will Charlie have a threeway with two hot chicks?
Will Charlie die from a threeway with two hot chicks?
Will Jack diable the CFL’s transmission?
Will Locke show up?
Will Michael and Walt show up?
Will Shannon and Boone show up?

And … what about Naomi???

According to my wife, the last two minutes are supposed to change everything.

We’ll see…

That’s the way I want to go out!

Is Locke still lying at the bottom of the corpse-filled pit?
Will Alex and Danielle be reunited?
Will Waaaalt suddenly show up?
Who or what is Jacob, really?
Who are the hostiles, and what secrets do they hold?

I’m hoping for at least a few of these to be answered.

Someone on another board posted a play-by-play of the entire finale. He won’t say where he got his information. I can hardly wait to see if he’s right. If he is, gadzooks all around!

I think I know exactly what you’re referring to. Yeah that would certainly

change the format of the show

PM me a link, if you don’t mind.

PM me, too? I love getting spoilers. :wink:

Please don’t post the link here, though. I don’t trust myself not to look! :slight_smile:

I’m almost willing to bet we never see Walt or Michael for the rest of the entire series. I think with his aging faster than the shows timeline they probably decided it best to just write him off the show in the manner they did.
His name may pop up again in an episode but he won’t be making any appearances.

…starts to put up my hand for the link too…

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NO! Must… not… see… link…
Please PM me the link too…

Oh, gosh. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind PM’ing me the link as well? I’m such a spoiler whore. Thanks.

I’m right there with you. I’ve known for a while now how to get the big honking spoilers for this and I’ve been very very good so far. Just gotta make it through the rest of the day.

I’ll do that, as soon as I find it. That board’s search feature sucks, and they allow posters to edit and delete posts whenever they feel like it. I posted asking for the link. Hoping the guy who posted it is around today.

I knew I should have printed it out, dammit.

Found it. It’s not a link though – it was cut and pasted to the board from somewhere.

Assuming PM’s have enough space, I’ll send the text to everyone who asked. It won’t be spoiler-boxed!

Edited to add – it’s too long for PM. If your e-mail addys are in your profile, I’ll send it there.

If your e-mail addy isn’t in your profile, e-mail me and I’ll send it to you.

It’s been confirmed from a second source and they were dead on accurate for the previous episode so I see no reason not to believe it is correct. I’m not sure what to make of the big spoiler as I can’t quite see where they can go from there.

Since several people have asked I’m putting the link I have below. Note: I’m breaking the link so no one can click on it accidentally, you’ll have to copy the url and paste it into your browser. Then, on that page, you’ll have to click on a second link to actually read the spoiler. So, no one is getting spoiled by accident here. Copy, click and click at your own risk.

These spoilers were for last weeks episode and for tonights. Final warning: this is a complete, detailed spoiler. Proceed at your own risk

But seriously folks, I just read it again, and it gave me chills.

So think twice before opening that e-mail. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm-do you have to do anything besides remove the hyphens? Cos linky don’t worky for me, and I’m a shameless spoiler-whore…